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How To Style Up Men's Bombers Jacket

In this article, you are going to learn 5 best ways to wear bomber jackets to create an awesome look!

How To Style Up Men's Bombers Jacket

The simple bomber jacket has made great strides since its military roots, transitioning from the actual runway to a more fashion-oriented one.

This wardrobe classic, formerly worn nearly primarily by fighter pilots, has subsequently been embraced by each and every man and his dog, whether British rock rockers or pop-teen heartthrobs.

However, the jacket's design has evolved in much the same manner that its wearers have. The bomber never ceases to alter itself season after season, from unlined cotton renditions to top-end, good leather Varsity variants. If you’re willing to give bomber jackets a chance this summer. These 5 best ways to style up men’s bomber jackets can help.

How To Style Up Men's Bombers Jacket

1. Create A Retro Look

Given its original role as outerwear for wartime aviators, bomber jackets have a vintage charm. Vintage bomber jackets contain cozy fleece, wool-blend, or wool shearling collars and are composed of durable, water-resistant nylon or leather. A classic bomber jacket may be worn with a button-down shirt or a knit sweater. These will look great with dark denim or corduroy pants.

2. Try It Out With A Stylish Shirt

If you really want to wear new trending t-shirts for men but want to give it a more casual vibe, combining them with a biker jacket is a wonderful way to do it. A buttoned-up white shirt can work with practically everything, including a bomber jacket. Wearing a white shirt allows you to pair it with any color bomber jacket. For this bomber jacket ensemble, I paired a light blue T-shirt with my navy suede bomber, which I think looks great together. Put a pair of casual pants or stylish jeans with a pair of leather boots to complete the look.

3. White Bomber Jacket For Spring Look

In the world of blue, black, and brown. A white bomber jacket is an unusual pick, but it makes a great statement. The design is unusual without being overly aggressive, making it ideal for a new spring appearance. Because of its neutral tone, a white bomber may be worn with a variety of outfits. To complete the style, wear it with Rajasthani printed t-shirts in dark colors and other light items like soft blue denim or brown chinos and white shoes.

4. Let The Bomber Jacket Shape To Your Outfit

If you glance at any of today's style icons, you'll find that they all wear the bombers in the very same way. If you're going for boxier, broad chinos and a more relaxed look in general, utilize the bomber to offer that much structure and form to your ensemble. Because of the tight waist, wrists, and fitting collar, you'll instantly add definition.

5.  Wear It With Ripped / Distressed Jeans

Want to seem awesome as a dude? Then, introducing a difference in your clothing style is crucial, and trying to play it safe with men's bomber jacket outfits will not assist. However, switching it out for a pair of torn jeans and a bomber jacket can aid. It gives you a bohemian appearance and adds a touch of chaos to it, but it still looks fantastic!

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