How to Use Instagram Stories for Business and Increase Audience?

Instagram in 2022 is not just about posting pictures. Instead, it is a hub for creating connections with an audience to ensure what is needed by the mass. As we all know Instagram's business account grows with the engagement rate. We are bound to give certain verdicts – even though there are many types of content opportunities on Instagram, stories stand out in the crowd.

Why Instagram Stories are Important for Businesses and Brands?

There is no doubt that the Instagram stories feature has a beautiful future. The use of IG stories is massive and more than three hundred million (300M) people seem to enjoy swift, short, stories on Instagram. Anyone can make use of this feature and stand out in the crowd.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business & Increase in Audience?

Instagram stories help the business profiles stay on top only if there it is used appropriately. By the word “appropriately” we don’t mean to say there are only particular ways to make it to the top. What do we mean though? It is the fact that with the right kind of message or brand awareness, people can contact you directly to know about the product and service. Also, here on Instagram Stories, one can easily increase traffic i.e., audience.

If you are not sure about how to increase your audience or what to do to make better sales. Don’t worry! We have your back. Rely on these magic tips that have the potential to bring more business, reach, visibility, leads, and whatnot!

i)       Make Use of Videos for Stories Instead of Pictures

Posts are of different types. Pictures are still and don’t show the essence as such. The use of videos is always a plus because it gives personality and feels to the brand. The question for many however remains there – which type of videos should I use to promote a business? Recording or making behind-the-scenes videos are always in demand. It shows how you work to make things functional. Videos with one-sentence testimonials from the clients or team also create a buzz. Videos with colorful background or something that denotes the brand color, happy faces, and sound effects in the videos tends to bring more audience or in layman’s diction “traffic” to the story.

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ii)     Instagram Story Highlights – Use it for Permanent Instagram Story

Isn’t it sad to see stories disappearing right after 24 hours? Instagram is not that cruel only if you knew about the added feature – Story Highlights. With the use of this feature, Instagrammers have gotten a huge bump in credibility, reach, visibility, and traffic. However, anything that is already added to the story on Instagram or a post from the past can be used as a highlight. For example, if you run a salon. There must be testimonials, a menu of services, etc. that needs a constant reach. Making them the Story Highlight will save energy and time.

iii)     Engage with Audience and Use Hashtag for Reach & Visibility

Did you know reaching out to Instagram users individually can increase the audience? Other than that, there are several other ways to initiate the one-to-one reach. Some of the ideas are mentioned here.

Tagging people, as well as businesses that you think, will be interested in your service or product is one of the finest ways to draw people’s attention. This will bring more audience and we assure you people will comment, like, or view the story. Another way to increase engagement is when you use locations in the posts. This will increase credibility; people will relate and then most of them will comment or like. Interestingly, this will also help in showing up on the section called “Recommended Stories”.

What happens when we as a brand or business profile repost our followers’ content? Two things happen – firstly, engagement is increased and secondly, it tells a lot about your service or product. The use of hashtags will never get old. It is said and believed that 11 hashtags do magic.

Note: Interestingly there are many third-party websites from where you can buy Instagram likes UK to increase engagement rate. Making use of a legit resource surely helps you in getting closer to the milestones.

iv)     Call to Action is Quite Useful – Use them Wisely!

The main purpose of an Instagram business account is to get more leads, right? To achieve the milestone of making whatever rate of potential clients into the actual ones one must make use of CTAs. This is the oldest method of making things work in the favor. However, wrong placement will not get enough leads or clients. That’s the reason why you and all those who own a brand need to know the right use of CTAs. But if in case you know how, where, and what type of call to action to make in the content post. We would like to congratulate you in advance.

Knowing that you are a service or a product, it will be best to know the kind of call to action you can use. For example, for a traveling company CTAs like “Learn More”, “Book a Ticket”, and “Shop More” will do the magic. Another interesting fact about CTAs is that they usually redirect the user to the official web link of the seller.

Other Ideas to Promote Business Through Instagram Stories

Instagram Story is technically a way to showcase and express whatever is related to the brand you represent. Being creative calls for more excitement, yeah? That helps in engaging people most of the time. That’s the reason why it is considered fruitful and cool to use the following methods to draw attention.

First of all, it is about how people make use of animated GIFs and stickers. Likewise, typing in different fonts always entices the audience, right? In this regard, we would ask the user as the brand manager or whoever is looking after the Instagram business account to install a third-party app that helps in providing different fonts.

Last Words

The use of stickers, images, and all sorts of creativity will bring in more engagement rate. That way, it will be beneficial for the brand to get more reach, visibility, instant growth of likes and followers, and whatnot! However, other tips mentioned in this blog post will be good to try! Also, it is a must to mention the need to buy Instagram likes UK if and when the engagement rate is compromised.

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