How to Write a Press Release for Your Product Launch

How to Write a Press Release for Your Product Launch
Press Release for Your Product Launch

Subhodip Das is the Director of his own content marketing agency. With a 10 year experience in this field, he has been successful in delivering optimum quality contents to the clients.

A press release contains all the necessary details of a newly launched product in the market. Yet, it has to be crisp and compact. To attract top publications, a press release must follow a specific format and contain the necessary information about a product.

Therefore, to write press release for a newly launched product, one must follow a set of criteria

Begin with an Appealing Headline

This is the first step to writing a crisp press release that would make it stand out from the rest. Always begin it with an appealing headline, which would instantly snatch the attention of the journalists. Let the title be engaging enough so that it entices the readers to read on the matter further.

Disclose the Details of the Product Immediately

Just after the headline, address the topic immediately in the following paragraph. This direct approach of providing the whereabouts of a product keeps the relevancy with the title at par. This is also effective in saving a lot of time. Furthermore, the readers also get an overview of the product from the very beginning. This helps them stay engaged for the rest of the content.

Cite Some Quotes

A quotation from an official of the company, encompassing on the product launched, is a mandatory criterion to write press release. The quote/quotes must be relevant in terms of the impacts of the product on the market and on the customers. A quotation or two from the officials also help to enhance the value of a press release.

Add Some More Details about the Necessity of the Product

After the quotation part is over, the focus now needs to be on the relevancy of the product. Write about how the product is necessary, the future implications of the product on people's lives etc. There should also be points like how the company came up with the idea of creating the product.

Just make sure that you don't add any extra information. A press release needs to be compact with just the right amount of detail. Any additional information seems redundant and affects the quality of the press release.

Include a Boilerplate

Boilerplate is nothing but a short excerpt of a company's size, what it does, where it is situated, etc. It even contains the official website link and social media links of the concerned company. Boilerplate stays at the very end of a press release.

It is important to note at this point that boilerplates are a mandatory section without which a press release is literally incomplete.

If you're relatively new in this field, the best option is to seek help from press release writing services. They know exactly what this kind of writing demands and will be able to help you accordingly.

Therefore, these are the factors that are required to write press release. It should also be kept in mind that all the detailing must be wrapped up within a single page. If not on a single page, it can go up to a maximum limit of 2 pages. That's how crisp a press release needs to be.

Mentioned Below are Some Advantages of an Excellent Quality Press Release-

  • It helps in increasing the traffic of the company's official website
  • An economically viable method for a company to intrigue big-shot investors.
  • Helps to increase the sales probability.
  • Provides immediate publicity to small-scale and medium-scale businesses.
  • It also acts as a new possibility for a company to reach its target audience/customers/clients.
  • A press release is also a major opportunity to build up healthy relationships with journalists.
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