How you can identify various fractions?

In Mathematics, fractions are of three main types, proper, improper, and mixed fractions. You may be confused to identify various types of fractions. It is quite essential to identify various types of fractions. If a student is not able to spot a difference between various types of fractions. It can be difficult to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. There are various methods to solve various kinds of fractions. A fraction calculator online can help students to identify various kinds of fractions. You can also learn to solve particular types of fractions by the online tool.

There are three main types of fractions:

  1. Proper fraction
  2. Improper fraction
  3. Mixed fraction

Proper Fraction:

In proper fractions numerator is less than the denominator. You can spot them at once if you are familiar with the definition of the proper fractions. You can also learn fraction addition and subtraction by the online tool. There is whole procedure is described, how to add proper fractions by the adding fractions calculator.

Numerator < Denominator

Like ⅜, ⅖,3/9, 9/5, ⅞,4/11,3/5, etc

Fractions are commonly used in various fields, and normally encounter them in your life. You need to understand, the decimal is interconvertible to fractions and vice verse. For example, you can convert 0.5, by simply placing the denominator like 5/10. This is simple and you can again convert it into a decimal by a basic procedure. You can’t escape fractions in your life, as we are commonly using them in our business applications. Just use the fraction calculator, to identify various types of fractions.

Improper Fraction:

In the improper fraction, there should be a greater numerator than the denominator

Numerator > Denominator

Like 9/5, 7/4,6/5,9/7,12/11 etc

You can figure out all the fractions, all the fraction has larger numerator than the denominator. You have to use the  Least Common multiple methods to add and subtract the proper and improper fractions. For the division of the fractions, we usually reverse the fractions and then simply multiply the fractions. If you are finding any difficulty in the division of fractions just use the dividing fractions calculator. In the online tools all the steps are explained of the division of fractions are explained in detail.

The mixed fraction:

A mixed fraction is a simple combination of a fraction and a natural number.

Examples of mixed numbers are:

2 ⅓, 4 ⅓, 7 3/9, 8 ⅝ etc.

How to solve mixed fractions:

You can solve the mixed fractions simply by multiplying the denominator by the natural number. Then add the answer with the numerators, this is simple once you have learned the procedure.

Solution of mixed fraction:

Consider a mixed fraction 4 (⅝), we are going to break down this fraction in simple steps:

  • First, we are going to multiply the denominator “8” with the natural number “4”, in this case, the answer would be 32.
  • Then, we add the answer “32” to the numerator, then we get “37” in this case.
  • So the resultant fraction would be 37/8, which is a proper fraction as the numerator is larger than the denominator.

You can learn how to solve the mixed fraction with the fraction calculator.


It is easy to solve fractions if you can identify various kinds of fractions. The proper and improper fractions are simple to understand only the position of the numerator and denominator is going to change. The mixed fractions are different and you can identify them easily, but it is quite necessary to learn how to break the mixed fraction. When you are using the online tools fraction calculator, you can learn the whole process without any difficulty.

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