Interesting Facts about Construction & Demolition Waste

In recent years, construction has increased at an exponential rate. Renowned development firms are building multiple houses, businesses are expanding, bigger and better malls are being made. Whenever we go outside, we find some kind of construction going on, from renovation to building new roads. But with all the construction comes a lot of waste and debris.

There is waste from demolition, then there is waste from new construction. Wood, bricks, concrete, iron beams are major and vital components in construction and consequently are the ones that are wasted the most. Everything cannot be recycled or reused, some of it does need to be disposed of.  The bigger the construction project, the bigger the pile of waste is going to be.

We need to change this, learn how to manage the waste. So, let’s talk about how one can manage construction and demolition waste better.

Types of Construction and Demolition Waste

Not all construction and demolition materials can be named, there are a variety of those. Let’s talk about the major ones.



Metal (beams and pipes)



Unusable debris from demolitions.

Recent surveys estimate that every year construction and demolition waste fills 4300 acres of space, if at a depth of 50 meters. that sums up to about 3 billion square feet of land each year. Much of that waste is not recyclable or reusable and the majority of construction workers do not know how to recycle because obviously, it is not their job. Sooner or later, we will run out of space to throw all his waste in and that is very dangerous. The best solution? Hiring construction debris removal Solano County specialists.

Recycling Construction Waste

Some proper companies and organizations handle construction and demolition waste. Their job is to recycle as much as they can and get rid of the rest. Things that can be reused are sold to second-hand stores, like tiles taps, and piping that are in good condition. What the world needs is proper waste disposal so that it may prevent the overfilling of land sites. If we take proper measures, we can prevent the following things from happening,

Conservation of limited resources

Overflowing of landfills

Save money by reusing materials

Reduction in waste transportation charges

Save up on resources and cost by using recycled concrete and gravel

Facts about Construction and Demolition

The Environment Protection Agency states that between 230-530 million tons of construction and demolition debris is produced only in the USA every year.

The number of debris measured in one year doubled the next year in the USA.

It was estimated by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control that from all the waste disposed of in 2017, 34% of it was from construction and demolition debris.

More debris comes from demolition than from construction, to be exact about 90% comes from demolition and 10% from construction.

In 2015 23.1 million tons of concrete was wasted during construction and 358 million tons during demolition.

An estimate done by The National Asphalt Pavement Association states that if asphalt is properly recycled, it could save taxpayers up to 2.5 billion dollars per year.

If the recycling process is done properly with dedication, it can create jobs for about 28,000 citizens.

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association states that if 538 million tons of construction and demolition debris is recycled every year, it could free up 4300 acres of landfill sites. Which, if looked at yearly is a very big improvement.

Proof that recycling construction and demolition debris brings in money is that in 2016 it was reported by the EPA that recycling debris created about 230,000 jobs.

Not all blame goes to debris for damaging the environment, the buildings in the USA are said to be the reason for 39% of the carbon dioxide emissions.

Due to an alarming increase in the rate at which landfills were filling up, there is a ban in 49 states in the USA on disposal of debris and it is obligatory to recycle it.

Due to advancements in technology and science, it was announced by the Federal Highway Agency that we can now recycle 90-100 % of asphalt used in construction.

How can you Help

The majority of the construction companies and men for hire are unaware and uneducated in terms of debris recycling. They do not know the threat it poses to our society and do not know how to recycle. As landfills are overflowing, space is less. This means landfill owners charge more than the usual amount. Here are a few tips for those who wish to know how to recycle debris,

Donate the still usable pieces of cloth to charity organizations

To make salvaging easier separate the debris into categories like wood, concrete, glass, and asphalt

Educate yourself in the fact that recycling can cut down on costs.

Lastly, hire specialists for this purpose. If you have a construction project underway, make sure to contact 3 Kings Hauling and More, the best company for construction debris removal.

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