Interior Designer In Manipur

Manipur, nestled in the northeastern part of India, is a state known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. As the region undergoes socio-economic development, interior designers in Manipur are emerging as key players in transforming spaces that reflect the unique blend of cultural diversity and contemporary design. This article explores the realm of interior designers in Manipur, shedding light on their significance, distinctive styles, and the impact they have on shaping the state's evolving design landscape.

Interior designers in Manipur are not just professionals; they are cultural ambassadors, shaping spaces that reflect the soul of the state. As Manipur undergoes development, interior designers will continue to play a pivotal role in defining its architectural and design identity, leaving an indelible mark on homes, cultural spaces, and community environments. Through their craft, these designers are contributing to the preservation and celebration of Manipur's diverse cultural heritage in the modern era.

Here is the List of Top 10 Interior Designer In Manipur

1. Inyourcities

Are you looking to transform your living space into a work of art? Look no furthеr, as wе’vе curatеd a list of thе bеst intеrior dеsignеrs in Manipur who can turn your intеrior dеsign drеams into a rеality. Manipur, known for its rich culturе and traditions, has a growing community of talеntеd intеrior dеsignеrs who arе rеady to infusе crеativity and innovation into your homеs or commеrcial spacеs. Whеthеr you’rе sееking a modern and minimalistic dеsign or a traditional and culturally rich intеrior, our list has got you covеrеd. Join us as wе еxplorе thе top intеrior dеsignеrs in Manipur who can hеlp you crеatе spacеs that arе not only bеautiful but also functional and tailorеd to your uniquе stylе.

Contact Details

Address : Shanghaiprou next to Tiddim Motor, Above Keisham Mart Ply Shop, Imphal, Manipur 795001
Phone :
Email ID :
[email protected]/
Website :

2. HomeTown

Since 2006, HomeTown has been bringing the latest designs & fashion to Indian homes. HomeTown offers the widest and best in class range in furniture, home furnishings & decor, modular kitchens, home improvement and more. Part of the Future Group, HomeTown brings an enjoyable and hassle-free homemaking experience to all its valuable customers with varying lifestyles and preferences.We promise to facilitate our customers with a unique and personalized shopping experience. Our commitment to quality and timeless designs has helped us evolve over the years and it indeed fills us with pride to be the first choice of many.With a great spread that appeals to the globe-trotting, trendy yet very much Indian homemaker, HomeTown is known to attract an array of lifestyle seeking customers. Being recognized as India’s biggest store in homemaking, renovation and decor, our products are exclusively designed while keeping durability and comfort at priority.The key differentiator between Home Town and others is the Design and Build offering of end-to-end interior decoration services, to customers who are interested in renovating & upgrading their homes.From classy sofas to chic dining sets to kitchen essentials and artifacts, we offer everything to beautify your living space. Since 2006, we’ve grown to over 44 stores across 28 cities. Keeping pace with the tech-savvy world, we have maintained a strong web presence with prompt online services.

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Address : 2nd Floor, City Centre Mall,Untwadi Road,Lavate Nagar,Maharashtra 422009
Phone :
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

3. Sulekha

Be it a house or an office, the decor plays a vital role. The decor of the space includes the colours, accessories, furniture and many other items. The main fact is that these aspects have a greater impact on the mood of the persons staying there. Therefore, it is essential to have an impressive decor. To make your space look attractive and stylish, you can hire the service of experts. Hiring professionals can help you a lot. At Sulekha, you can find the list of more than 90+ verified and experienced interior designers and decorators in Adyar. The trusted experts listed here have delivered the matchless services to the clients that resulted in an average rating of 5-stars among 903 users.

Sulekha is an online business directory. Here, we help you to select the best and reputed interior designers and decorators in Adyar, Chennai from the verified and dependable interior experts. Moreover, at this directory, you can find the contact details and address of the listed interior decorators as well as designers. If you wish to book an experienced interior decorator or designer, fill the above form. The reputed interior experts near you would contact you with the list of their services. You can discuss the required services as well as service charges with the experts. You can also negotiate with the service provider for the charges and settle on an amount agreeable for both.

The decor of your space depicts your personality. Many people love to decorate their space themselves. They adopt DIY ideas to do so. However, they fail to achieve the desired results. To get the desired look, you can hire the professional interior designers and decorators in Adyar, Chennai. Hiring the services of experts offers you numerous benefits such as

Contact Details

Address : 201 2nd Floor, Land Mark, B wing Andheri Kurla Road Near Western Express Highway Andheri(East), Mumbai - 400 093.
Phone :
1800 420 1212
Email ID :
[email protected]/
Website :

4. McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is India's premier marketplace for construction specialties, catering to a dynamic community of architects, developers, consultants, and homeowners. Our platform boasts the largest database of verified architects, builders, and contractors across India, enabling our users to access the best-in-class products and trusted suppliers across a wide range of product segments.

Our rich content database offers a wealth of articles, helping our users stay informed and up-to-date with the latest trends, products, and innovations in the construction industry. We take pride in our commitment to providing our users with a seamless and effortless online shopping experience, backed by our deep expertise in construction products manufacturing and distribution.

Launched in April 2017, McCoy Mart (formerly known as has witnessed tremendous growth in traffic and community participation on our platform. We are driven by a passion for excellence and a vision to revolutionize the construction industry in India, offering our users an unparalleled range of products and services, supported by cutting-edge technology and world-class customer service.

Join our vibrant community of architects, developers, consultants, and homeowners today and experience the McCoy Mart difference!

McCoy Mart helps users to identify the key elements needed to carry out a building project efficiently and within budget constraints. It is seen as a source of extensive information for the members of the industry. There are educational materials on construction specialties that will help make the best choices for an end user or a buyer. It would also help every patron of McCoy Mart to be aware of the Industry regulations and Best Practices involved in the construction industry.

This is not viewed as just another one in the trade, but a force of transformation that has shaped and is continuously shaping the construction conglomerate of our country.

At McCoy Mart, we aim to be the one-stop destination for all construction needs, offering a seamless online experience to connect buyers with suppliers and professionals. Our values prioritize customer service and feedback, driving us to continuously improve and adapt to industry changes. Our team of experts provides educational resources, product reviews, and industry insights, helping users make informed decisions. With a commitment to excellence and innovative technology, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled products and services to our valued users.

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Address : Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Int'l Airport Rd, Navpada, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059
Phone :
+91 8010-700-300
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :


(DTH PREFAB) is an emerging & renowned name, prefab structure manufacturing & supplying company in Delhi, Stainless Steel of modular prefab building structure structures in Delhi, engaged in presenting excellent quality of All kind of Structure & Portable Structures in Delhi & all over the world , All type Prefab & Prefabricated Structures in Delhi & Prefab Wooden Houses in Delhi.

We have achieved the dream of a client's satisfaction which we have earned for the product range, which incorporates remarkably appealing prefab buildings, portable clinics, and portable shelters. We deliver high-quality raw material of products by that our customers to find satisfactory for its new and unique superior design, corrosion resistant, portable, durable construction and premium finishing that lasts longer ever.

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Interior Designers in Manipur, Interior Design Services in Manipur, Best Interior Decorators in Manipur, Residential & Commercial Interior in Manipur. DTH Prefab has a team of interior designers that will help you make the most of your home decor. Being one of the best interior designer professional team in India, we offer our clients with a unique chance to renovate their homes without any heavy remodelling. Without the box creative design solutions, we deliver our clients with the best possible urban living experience that inspires the very soul.

If you had been searching for some good interior designer in Manipur, your search ends here at DTH Prefab. Not only do we match our competitors in price, but guarantee a simpler yet innovative design that will reflect elegance from every corner of your home. Our disciplinary intellect of architecture, lighting design, custom placement and planning is strategized in a way to accommodate your expectations while delivering you the best, as always.

DTH Prefab believes in design with innovation and simplicity. This is why our clients call us when they are in need of an interior designer in Manipur. Whether it is residential, hospitality, commercial or retail- we give our best shot to create breathtakingly beautiful and useful space which radiated the warmth to welcome and the peace that appeals to all.

Contact Details

Address : Aggarwal Tower, Block CU, 3rd Floor, Office No. 301 Pitampura, New Delhi - 110034, India
Phone :
+91-99104 77066
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

6. Clickindia

Clickindia started at a time when online was nascent and it helped people search and get searched online. With the uptake of internet activity in Tier 2/3 and beyond this is the next wave and smaller, boutique and niche businesses need a cheaper solution to be able to access and engage with their network.

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Address : Namo "णमो" Sandwich
Phone :
+91-99104 77066
Email ID :
[email protected]/
Website :

7. interior designing

The interior designing industry is a constantly evolving field, and pursuing a career in interior design can be an exciting and rewarding path. If you’re located in Manipur there are many excellent interior design institutes to choose from. These institutes provide comprehensive training and education on various aspects of interior design, from space planning to furniture design. With their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, interior design institutes in Manipur offer students a dynamic learning environment that prepares them for success in the interior design industry. Start your journey towards a career in interior design today!

INIFT, the leading fashion design institute and interior design institute in Kolkata, is situated in the satellite city of New Town. The institute, also known as the International Institute of Fashion Technology, is dedicated to producing future entrepreneurs and top designers. To meet international standards, INIFT offers courses that are tailored to meet the changing demands of the fashion and interior design market.

In today’s world, designers need more than just design knowledge to succeed in the industry. They also need management skills and experience. This is why INIFT is the best interior designing institute in Kolkata, as it focuses on developing well-rounded designers who can thrive in the competitive market.

In a time where certificates hold little value and intellect is highly prized, it is essential for students to excel in their field. To this end, INIFT’s founder, Mr. Samarendra, a leader in the fashion and interior industry, has designed a unique education pattern that aims to make India a fashion hub.

Contact Details

Address : INIFT, unit no.411,P.S. Qubes building, AA II, Action Area IID, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700157
Phone :
062890 27399
Email ID :
[email protected]
Website :

Manipur, nestled in the northeastern part of India, is a state known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. As the region undergoes socio-economic development, interior designers in Manipur are emerging as key players in transforming spaces that reflect the unique blend of cultural diversity and contemporary design. This article explores the realm of interior designers in Manipur, shedding light on their significance, distinctive styles, and the impact they have on shaping the state's evolving design landscape.

Cultural Fusion in Manipuri Designs:

Manipur's cultural tapestry, characterized by its traditional dance forms, indigenous crafts, and diverse ethnic communities, provides a unique backdrop for interior designers. These creative professionals in Manipur are not just decorators; they are storytellers, infusing spaces with cultural elements that celebrate the essence of Manipuri identity while embracing modern design sensibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of Interior Designers in Manipur:

  1. Cultural Integration:Interior designers in Manipur often integrate traditional elements, motifs, and locally crafted materials into their designs, creating spaces that resonate with the cultural richness of the state.
  2. Craftsmanship Embrace:Manipur's skilled artisans inspire designers to incorporate indigenous crafts, handwoven textiles, and locally sourced materials, contributing to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.
  3. Nature-Inspired Designs:Surrounded by lush greenery and hills, interior designers draw inspiration from Manipur's natural beauty, integrating earthy tones, natural materials, and ample natural light into their designs.
  4. Space Optimization:Given the state's varied topography, interior designers in Manipur excel in optimizing space, ensuring functionality in both urban and rural settings.
  5. Community-Centric Spaces:Interior designers contribute to the creation of community spaces that serve as cultural hubs, fostering a sense of belonging and preserving Manipur's communal spirit.
  6. Sustainable Practices:Manipur's eco-conscious residents influence design choices, prompting interior designers to incorporate sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient solutions and the use of eco-friendly materials.
  7. Client Collaboration:Effective communication and collaboration with clients are paramount. Interior designers work closely with residents, businesses, or community leaders to understand their vision, ensuring a personalized touch to every project.
  8. Budget Management:In tune with the economic realities of the region, interior designers in Manipur are skilled in managing budgets efficiently, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on design quality.
  9. Residential and Cultural Spaces:Whether it's transforming a traditional Manipuri home or designing a cultural center, interior designers cater to a diverse range of projects, adapting their skills to various settings.

The Growing Importance of Interior Design in Manipur:

  1. Preservation of Cultural Heritage:Interior designers contribute to the preservation of Manipur's cultural heritage by integrating traditional elements into modern designs, creating spaces that tell the story of the state's rich history.
  2. Local Economic Development:The collaboration between designers and local craftsmen fosters economic development by promoting indigenous crafts and creating market opportunities for local artisans.
  3. Cultural Tourism Boost:Well-designed spaces that showcase Manipur's cultural identity contribute to the promotion of cultural tourism, attracting visitors who wish to experience the state's unique traditions.
  4. Emergence of Design Studios:Manipur has witnessed the emergence of design studios and individual designers, offering services that cater to both urban and rural design needs.
  5. Education and Awareness:Interior designers in Manipur play a role in educating the community about the importance of design in enhancing living spaces, fostering awareness about the possibilities of modern and culturally rooted designs.

Interior designers in Manipur are not just professionals; they are cultural ambassadors, shaping spaces that reflect the soul of the state. As Manipur undergoes development, interior designers will continue to play a pivotal role in defining its architectural and design identity, leaving an indelible mark on homes, cultural spaces, and community environments. Through their craft, these designers are contributing to the preservation and celebration of Manipur's diverse cultural heritage in the modern era.

Certainly! Here's a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that individuals might consider when hiring an interior designer in Manipur. These questions are designed to help you understand the designer's approach, expertise, and how well they align with your vision:

What services do you offer as an interior designer in Manipur?

Understanding the range of services the designer provides, including conceptualization, space planning, material selection, and project management.

Can you share examples of your previous interior design projects in Manipur?

Reviewing the designer's portfolio to gauge their style, creativity, and ability to adapt to different design preferences, especially those that incorporate Manipuri cultural elements.

How do you approach the design process, from concept to completion?

Gaining insight into the designer's workflow, including initial consultations, design presentations, and project timelines, to understand the entire design journey.

What is your design style, and how do you incorporate Manipuri cultural elements into your designs?

Understanding the designer's aesthetic and how they integrate local cultural elements, traditional motifs, and crafts into their designs.

How do you optimize space in different settings, considering Manipur's varied topography?

Inquiring about the designer's experience in optimizing space, especially in the context of both urban and rural settings in Manipur.

Do you collaborate with local artisans and craftsmen in Manipur for your projects?

Learnig about the designer's collaboration with local artisans and craftsmen to incorporate indigenous crafts and materials into their designs.

How do you address sustainability in your designs, considering the eco-conscious mindset in Manipur?

Discussing the designer's approach to sustainability, including the use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions in their designs.

Have you worked on projects in specific regions or communities within Manipur?

Inquiring about the designer's familiarity with Manipur's diverse regions and communities, especially if they have experience working in specific areas.

How do you address challenges that may arise during the design and implementation phases?

Understanding the designer's problem-solving approach and how they handle unexpected issues that may arise during the project.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients in Manipur?

Seeking feedback from past clients to understand their satisfaction with the designer's services and the overall project experience.

Remember to tailor these questions based on your specific requirements and preferences. Open communication with the interior designer is essential to ensure a collaborative and successful design partnership that reflects the cultural essence of Manipur.

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