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Is It Worth It to Get a Cisco Certification?

Is It Worth It to Get a Cisco Certification?

The candidates for general and specialty certifications offered by Cisco Courses are required to pass an exam to earn the respective credential. The available certificates have been broken down into four distinct levels of skill, each of which can be attained through one of seven training courses. These courses cover routing and switching, design, security, and storage networking.

The CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications are the most sought-after and popular ones in information technology (IT). Employers will have confidence in your knowledge of networking basics and ideas if you have earned the Cisco Certified Professional designation.

In this piece, we'll look at five reasons why earning one or more Cisco Courses is undoubtedly worth it, and we'll use those reasons to frame our discussion.

Most important reason is that a Cisco certification will improve and validate your networking knowledge.

Knowledge expansion and improvement are one of the primary benefits that can be gained from participating in Cisco certification training. The majority of Cisco certifications are comprehensive, covering various technologies and protocols. You can learn how to install routed and switched networks, configure those networks, run those networks, and troubleshoot those networks by earning a Cisco certification.

A Cisco certification not only validates a professional's technical knowledge but also equips them with the know-how required to address challenges in real-world settings, including the stresses and dangers associated with the deployment and maintenance of networks in large enterprises.

Obtaining a Cisco Certification Makes It Possible to Explore New Professional Development Opportunities

Having a Cisco Courses puts your career on the fast track when it comes to the roles that you'll be qualified for and offered. This implies that your job profile will have much-increased visibility due to the certification. You'll be able to do a wide array of networking activities at an advanced level, with higher responsibilities and greater ownership of the tasks. Earning a certification will almost certainly shorten the time it takes to get promoted, even though it is not impossible to advance in one's career without having done so.

Earning a Cisco Certification Allows You to Negotiate a Higher Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States reported in May 2014 that the average annual pay for network and system administrators was $79,770. The BLS also stated that the highest-paid professionals earned $120,000 or more. In addition, the BLS forecasts that demand for network specialists will increase by 12 percent between 2012 and 2022.

The InfoSec Institute estimates that professionals with a CCNA certification can make an average annual salary of up to $118,830. And according to a survey that PayScale just released, the yearly compensation caused by certified network engineers who specialize in Cisco networking can range anywhere from $50,971 to $101,017.

Employers prefer to hire professionals that have their Cisco certification.

The research that was conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) in December 2008 and titled "Impact of Training: Functional Excellence Leads to Operational Productivity" lends credence to the idea that training and certifications have a positive influence on the return on investment that companies see, as well as on the amount of money they spend and the amount of work they get done.

Because they serve as proof of networking and troubleshooting skills, certifications certify that you have a specific degree of knowledge and skills. This is because certifications test your ability to network and solve problems. Certain businesses, particularly Cisco Courses, prefer to employ Cisco-certified specialists instead of workers not certified by Cisco. In addition, your compensation will directly affect the number of certificates you earn.

Information and statistics are summarized in the following list:

Sixty-six percent of managers believe that having a Cisco certification raises the overall service and support provided to clients and end-users of information technology.

Companies that have between 40 and 55 percent of their team members qualified have a performance level that is much higher than usual.Because the trained staff has a better understanding of how to deal with issues and solve them with a higher success rate, customer satisfaction can be increased through Cisco certification.Seventy-five percent of managers believe that having managers with Cisco credentials is critical for improved team performance.A Cisco certification will highlight your resume to potential recruiters and help you stand out from the crowd of other professionals who are not certified. This is because businesses recognize the benefits of a Cisco certification.

The Long-Term Advantages of Possessing a Cisco Certification Will More Than Make Up for the Opportunity Costs

An average professional with no previous experience in information technology or networking could finish an entire Cisco Courses track, such as the R/S, or Routing and Switching track, in a maximum of 1500 hours of study to earn all three levels of certification in this field: CCNA R/S, CCNP R/S, and CCIE R/S. This estimate is based on the assumption that the professional has no prior experience in these fields.

This amounts to an opportunity cost of $24,000, assuming the professional were to quit their work to prepare for the certification exams full-time, using the average income for graduates in the United States, which is $16 per hour. With an average starting salary of more than $50,000 annually, obtaining a Cisco certification would mean that the professional could spend a whole year training for it full-time and still break even after six months at the new position.

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