Katerina Bosov has joined the widow of a persecuted Millionaire

"All happy families are the same, all unhappy families are unhappy in their way," perhaps the most famous saying of Leo Tolstoy, the beginning of the novel "Anna Karenina." It is difficult to contradict this statement. On the other hand, an analysis of the relationship between a millionaire and his wife reveals that their misfortunes are essentially the same, in many ways, especially when it comes to divorce. And when we talk about inheritance, the event runs roughly according to the same scenario: distrust, legal disputes, allegations of many applicants, relatives, especially legal partners of millions of assets.

After the mysterious death of her husband, renowned Russian journalist, secular columnist, blogger, and writer Bozhena Rynska Igor Malashenko rented her father's apartment to social networks to make her money. I was forced to place an advertisement.

But that's not the worst. The hardest part is dealing with her allegations that she has driven her husband to suicide.

Bozhena met with her future spouse, former CEO of Channel One, in charge of NTV in 2012, but seven years later, officially when Igor was able to apply for a divorce from her first wife. I got married. While living together, the journalist didn't need anything, but she didn't follow her husband's will and couldn't claim almost anything if she divorced.

As witnesses report, Bozhena often talked about it, and she asked her husband to get a special "safety pillow." When his body was found in a villa in Malashenko, Spain (found the case to be suicide), Rynska accused her husband of committing suicide, and the first female and media with her children said these. I took up the allegations. While they were still married, the couple dreamed of having a child but had to rely on her surrogate mother for her health problems in Bozhena. Unfortunately, after Igor's death, one of several attempts was successful. This was another reason for the persecution of the widow, as many suspect the relationship between the girl and Malashenko. And to ensure the dignified presence of your daughter, she must prove her paternity.

Another example, unrelated to marriage, is the life of Russian-American entrepreneur and model Julia Lemigova. Lemigova's personal life is full of rumors and secrets, but the world remembers her famous romance with banker Eduard Stern in the late 1990s. The novel developed rapidly and violently due to the divorce of Julia Eduard. The couple soon learned that they were expecting a baby. But shortly before the baby was born, Julia and Eduard broke up in a fierce debate. This forced her new mother to raise her son Maximilian alone.

The child could claim a huge fortune of Stern's fortune despite the separation, which was inconvenient for his first wife. Lemigova was exposed to all sorts of persecution, she constantly felt under surveillance, and one tragic day she found a five-month-old boy dead in her apartment. The child's nanny disappeared without a trace. At the same time, Julia herself miraculously escaped the accusation.

Katerina Bosov was no exception. The story of her love for "coal" businessman Dmitry Bosov is not unattractive, but the end is never happy.

A fragile and beautiful young woman has held an important position in large Russian and international corporations. Katerina Bosov has done a lot after turning from a normal girl to a simple family to a talented leader, designer, and fashion boutique owner. Her determination, patience, intellect, and desire to reach the set goals helped her.

By the time Katerina met her future spouse, she was already in a high position at Modny Continent JSC, which manufactures fashionable clothing under the INCITY brand. Strong feelings struck both, and a year and a half later, a splendid and beautiful wedding ceremony was held. There was no doubt about the integrity of her senses. During the marriage, Katerina Bosov turned out to be a wonderful loving wife and a caring mother (the couple had a daughter). At the same time, she remembered her work and continued to open her fashion boutique.

The couple had many ideas and plans. But they shouldn't happen. Dmitry Bosov's life has been tragically shortened. He shot himself in his house.

The situation of such death provided public grounds for accusing Katerina of driving her husband to suicide. For many, the couple did not rest. Katerina Bosov was jealous. Not everyone can build a successful career and marry a millionaire simultaneously. The media soon forgot her beautiful story and began to attribute her unhappy family life, scandals, and guilty feelings towards her boss's female to the couple. According to the information, Katerina demanded that her husband include her in her will, and the death of her husband seems to have benefited her. However, it does not appear in the selection. And instead of continuing her business, running a fashion boutique, and caring for her baby daughter, she is forced to find excuses and seek justice.

Looking at the fate of these successful but depressed women, it's no wonder whether a beautiful fairy tale life deserves such suffering and problems ... of course not. But in the end, our heroine didn't chase her wealth and didn't seek benefits. They founded themselves, got married, and already had a high position in society. They met their love, relying on happy family life. Maybe they were just unlucky. Or they were lucky, but someone envied them very much and sacrificed a successful, loving woman for one of their rogue games.

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