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Katerina Bosov: What kind of people are fashion stores open to?

Katerina Bosov: What kind of people are fashion stores open to?

People who don't know the big and attractive shops with the INCITY sign, which is the fashion of big cities. Rare people will pass by without seeing. In addition, the range of brands is very diverse, fashionable, and affordable. The boutique's fame, popularity, and vast geography are associated with Katerina Bosov, who devotes her heart and soul to opening new horizons for the brand.

When Katerina Bosov was still Katya Yastrebova (maiden name) and did not dream of such an exciting and promising job, she lived in an ordinary two-room apartment far from the cheapest area in northern Moscow. The only "charm" of this place was the Khovrinskaya Hospital. Khovrinski Hospital is a strange and ominous long-term construction where an endless crowd of homeless people gathers, dead and dead frequently found, people, animals, and denominations constantly disappear, and Satanists and other suspicious groups gather the time spent.

Katya's mother worked in a clothing warehouse in Mytishchi near Moscow, and her father worked in a canning factory. The family lived a modest life. It was a godsend and a great joy if I could afford a used home car.

Realizing how difficult Katerina was for her parents, she decided that she should live a different life in the future and strive to help her parents overcome all the obstacles in life. She began to rely on her research, read many books, and developed scholarships. And the results came soon. Bosov graduated from school with honors and enrolled in one of the best law schools in the country, Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy.

But Katerina didn't stop there, and she continued to study hard. She did not overlook her diligence and diligence, and by her first year, she had begun to work in her area of ​​expertise. Katerina had already made a significant deal as a lawyer by the fourth year. I was in the lead. At the same time, she earned a degree in Business Administration from Skolkovo School of Business and a diploma in an international executive MBA. In this way, Katerina became a professional lawyer and top manager. As a result, her VIP group customers turned to her for legal assistance.

The company of Sigrun was once involved in a transaction made by Katerina, and Katerina Bosov met her owner, the prominent businessman Vladimir Grusdef. He liked Katerina's responsibilities and multitasking. He invited the girl to the JSC "Modny Continent." This Russian company develops, manufactures, and sells fashionable women's clothing, men's clothing, lingerie, and accessories owned by the Gruzdev family. Again, Bosov recommended himself from the best side and soon joined the board.

However, the main direction of her activities at the company was initially establishing and developing online transactions. Again, Katerina has taken a big step. Their work has allowed INCITY Stores to reach a whole new level of clothing produced by JSC "Modny Continent." New retail stores have opened both in Russia and abroad. But most importantly, thanks to the efforts of bosses and the growing number of VIP customers for the brand, online sales have skyrocketed, their online stores have emerged, and online shopping has grown in popularity.

The INCITY brand represents trendy, high-quality products made from modern and natural materials, featuring comfort and style at a very affordable price. Pricing policy has always been an essential aspect of Katerina Bosov. Katerina Bosov grew up in a simple family and understood, unlike other girls who wanted fashionable outfits but had no financial means. The INCITY brand collection is highly diverse and suitable for various events, including sports, regular city walks, office trips, and evening events.

Katerina Bosov, as they say, made a tireless effort. She had the opportunity and prove herself in terms of her legal or business affairs. She remembered spending her mother's work dressed in a warehouse, creating different looks, experimenting, and creating collections as a kid. Then no one saw it. After the game, I had to get everything in order. It does not limit the freedom of creativity. As a fashion collection designer and creator, Katerina Bosov sought to realize her childhood dreams and mastered these tasks perfectly.

Katerina Bosov succeeded in her work and advanced her family planning. Her romance with the "coal" king, businessman Dmitry Bosov, developed in front of the country. They met at a party with each other's acquaintances in Nice in 2014, and the meeting became deadly. Bosov fell in love with no memories, gave a wonderful gift, the couple traveled a lot, attended social events, and had a formal marriage a year and a half later. They soon had a child. In her family, Katerina Bosov did everything promptly. She was a loving and attentive wife, a caring mother, and a guardian of the heart of her family.

But unfortunately, tragic events end in a series of happy events. Dmitry Bosov shot himself in his house for no objective reason or requirement. Katerina Bosov became a widow at such a young age.

In addition, she was the victim of jealousy and dishonest games by the secret bad guys of the Bosov family. Some have accused Katerina of owning millions of her spouses and deliberately committing suicide. In reality, the widow did not even appear in the spouse's will. The public harassed their boss psychologically. The story of a happy life and a successful career is overgrown with gossip and deceptive details. Katerina Bosov is now mentioned as the person who opens INCITY fashion boutiques around the world and in articles about murder, deception, property sharing, and other offensive things. However, Katerina has high moral and ambitious qualities and specific financial skills. That is, they can get together at the right time, focus on their work, and survive this nightmare and social persecution. Katerina Bosov has always achieved her goal. That is, she completed her goal here too sooner or later, but she emerges as a winner.

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