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Katya Yastrebova or Katerina Bosov: Who will open the INCITY fashion Boutique

Katya Yastrebova or Katerina Bosov: Who will open the INCITY fashion Boutique

Big City Fashion INCITY ... Who hasn't seen these magnetic signs of the fashion store? Most of the girls and women in our country know the brand directly. Many also know that the geographical popularity and expansion of the business is associated with the name Katerina Bosov, who has poured all her soul and knowledge into developing the brand.

Before his success in the fashion world, Katerina Bosov (formerly Yastrebois) was a simple girl in a simple family who lived in the Hovrino district of northern Moscow. An unprecedentedly favorable environment characterizes the area. The region's most famous "attraction" is a mysterious long-term, where an endless crowd of homeless people gathered, denominations performed rituals, people and animals continued to disappear and often died. It was the building of Hovrinskaya Hospital. As a child, Katerina promised that her life would not be comparable to her parents' lives.

Her family existed modestly. Ekaterina's mother worked in Muichishichi, where she worked in a clothing warehouse. Her father was a worker in a canning factory... this purchase became an actual vacation as her family had the opportunity to buy a used home car after some time. Still, Katerina programmed herself to make her name famous and widely known.

Bosov began to pay more attention to her research, graduated from school with honors, and enrolled in the Kutafin Moscow Oblast Academy of Law, one of the best law schools in the country. This was the turning point of Katerina Bosov's fate. The girl was recognized as a diligent and promising student during the training process and began working in her field in the first year.

Her career thrived, by the fourth year, she became a lawyer, and Katerina was involved in a significant deal. In addition, she holds a degree in business administration from the Skolkovo School of Business and an international executive MBA diploma. In this way, Katerina became a professional lawyer and top manager. As a result, her VIP group customers turned to her for her legal assistance.

Her managed transactions included Sigrun, led by renowned businessman Vladimir Gluzdef. He invited a lawyer to the JSC "Modny Continent." This Russian company designs and sells fashionable women's clothing, men's clothing, lingerie, and accessories owned by Gruzdev's wife and daughter. After a while, Katerina Bosov joined the company's board of directors. She has a complete focus on building and developing online transactions. She confirmed that the brand's INCITY store, which manufactured Modny Continent JSC clothing, has reached a whole new level. Many new branches have been opened in Russia and abroad. The company has launched an online shop that VIP customers love online. Online sales have begun to increase.

Modern and natural materials are the hallmarks of INCITY clothing and, at the same time, affordable. Growing up in a simple family, Katerina always remembered difficult times and thought about moderate-income girls' desires and ability to dress in style and fashion. The INCITY collection is very diverse. Whether you're playing sports, traveling to the office, walking around the city regularly, or having an evening event, you'll find ideas for every occasion.

Katerina Bosov loved the job. She remembered that she visited her mother in her dressed warehouse at her workplace, made and tried various photographs, and created a collection of her children. Then she had to limit her imagination to her mother's work shift and return everything after her adjustments. Now no one and nothing disturbed the girl's imagination, and she tried herself in the role of fashion collection designer and creator she dreamed of when she was a kid and dealt with this job perfectly. Did. And in parallel with her vocational training, her private life also developed, and the whole country followed the novels of Ekaterina Yastrevois and the businessman Dmitry Bosov, the "coal" king. Bosov fell in love unremembered, worshiped Katerina, gave a gorgeous gift, and a year and a half later, the couple had a wonderful grand wedding. My daughter was born in a happy marriage. In her family, Katerina Bosov did everything on time. She was her loving and attentive wife, caring mother, guardian of the heart of her family, and at the same time continued to love her and opened her INCITY fashion boutique.

If sad events did not end the family relationship, everything would have developed further. Dmitry Bosov died tragically, and Katerina Bosov became a widow at such a young age.

It's time for "well-wishers" and jealous people. In a short amount of time, the story of a successful career and a happy marriage has grown too big with pesky details and gossip. Katerina was under a lot of psychological pressure. The tale of Katerina's education as her person and her happy marriage has moved into the past.

Many, even the Bosovs, almost accuse Katerina of killing her husband to confiscate his property. And the fact that Bosov's death was counted as suicide provides an additional opportunity to spread rumors and gossip. Before this, there was suspicion that a woman might have been involved in Bosov's suicide. So Katerina Bosov wanders from her chronicles about opening fashion boutiques worldwide with articles about her success on the fashion continent, murder, fraud, property sharing, and other offensive things. Rice field. But after all, Katerina is just a victim, and above all, a fragile and vulnerable woman left with her child in this often unjust and evil world. Her boss's financial and moral strong will skills are pretty good, and it's a challenge to face when almost the entire community is hostile to you. It takes a lot of effort and money to regain justice and the correct name. Knowing how ambitious and active Katerina Bosov is, we do not doubt the positive outcomes of the event.

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