Keep this Factors in Mind for the Effective Solar

Solar energy is cost-effective but choosing right solar panel and solar installation is what makes it expensive. Hence, it’s important to choose the best quality solar panel for the reliable use in the long run, continue reading the blog to know how you can use Solar Panels Perth in the best way!

  1. Buy The Latest Solar Panel Model That Is Efficient

Solar panels are made up of solar cells, which convert solar energy into usable electricity in the form of sunlight. That's great, but solar panels can't convert all of the solar energy it receives into electricity. Therefore, the efficiency of the module is the percentage of energy that the solar cell actually puts into the module that converts it into electricity. Initial costs can be high, but if you want the best results, it's ultimately the most important thing to buy one of the more efficient models of commercial solar panels.

  1. Do Not Install Solar Panels In The Shade

Since solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, it makes sense that shade affects the amount of electricity generated. However, many people are unaware of the shade effects on many solar panels. During the planning process, spend some time analyzing your site so that shade is not an issue. Be careful not to install the panel in a place covered by trees or buildings.

  1. Ask an expert to install a solar panel

If the solar panels are not installed properly, they will not receive the optimum amount of sunlight and will generate less electricity. Generally, solar panels should be installed at an angle of 18-36 degrees for maximum solar radiation. Ironically, the efficiency of solar panels is also affected by temperature. The effectiveness of the panel can decrease as the temperature rises. When installing, there should be a sufficient distance between the solar panel and the roof. This facilitates the movement of air and prevents overheating of photovoltaic solar panels.

  1. Clean the solar panels

Solar panels require little maintenance because there is no moving parts. However, it is advisable to clean the solar panels from time to time as dust and dirt can accumulate on the surface and affect efficiency. The frequency of cleaning solar panels depends on several factors that is how often it rains and the cost of cleaning them. However, if it is heavily soiled, such as in places where it does not rain regularly, performance can be reduced by more than 20%. Therefore, cleaning the solar panels once a year is a pretty good idea.

  1. Monitor the performance of solar panels using energy management software

Some companies install solar panels and forget about them when they are satisfied with the initial output. This is a problem because you will not notice any reduction in Solar Power Melbourne efficiency without monitoring the amount of energy produced by the solar panels. One way to monitor power generation is to connect the solar panel to energy management software. This allows you to monitor the output over time and find unexpected declines.

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