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List of different types of family cosmetic dentistry procedures You Must Know

List of different types of family cosmetic dentistry procedures You Must Know

Cosmetic Dentistry is not a new concept in the market but it has been popularized just a few decades ago. People have started choosing this option as a much-needed dental treatment plan rather than just a cosmetic procedure because in many cases, the cosmetic dentistry has helped the patient to get relief from intense pain and discomfort in his dental cavity. So, in simple words we can say that this concept of dentistry is beneficial for restoration of our oral health and managing a lot of dental problems that are hard to deal with. Now, if you might be thinking how this single concept is going to help you for so many issues, then let me clear you with one main fact i.e., cosmetic dentistry includes a list of selective procedures that belong to a single thread but work in different manner to take care of your various dental problems. All these procedures are equally important and each one has its own method and outcome. To know more about these procedures, we must elaborate the list and check how the concept of different Types of family cosmetic dentistry proves to be beneficial for us.

List of the different types of Cosmetic Dentistry:

1.  Use Of Composite Bonding: The term composite bonding refers to the process in which a tooth like material is used to repair the damaged, discolored and extensively decayed teeth. This material has the same shade as that of our enamel which makes it tough to discover the difference between the original tooth surface and the composite one. The whole procedure starts with taking a tour of your dental cavity and checking the damaged or broken teeth for marking. After then, your dentist will start out drilling the decayed and damaged portion of the teeth and apply the composite material over it. As the material is applied, the dentist will start shaping it according to the need and expose it to high intensity light that gives the final fix. The main reason why people choose composite bonding is that your teeth will look exactly like the original one even after it is completely covered with this material and nobody will get to know about this fact until unless you want them to know. There is one more reason why this procedure is popular these days and it is because of its affordability. The charges involved in composite bonding are less expensive when compared with others which makes it a selective procedure for the people with cracked, crooked, chipped teeth but not enough monetary help to go for some more expensive family cosmetic dentistry programs.

2.  Use of Inlays & Outlays: This type of cosmetic dentistry started its initial work with the use of inlays and outlays. According to this treatment plan, it is suggested for the people who have a mild to moderate damage or decay issue with their teeth or have odd teeth structure without support. In case the damage is deep into the cusp, then this plan will not work and it may cause you more harm than treating your problem. So, you have to first consult your dentists and let him check the whole situation before you go for it. Now, let's know how this procedure works. The dentist will make a filling of some material mostly of porcelain or ceramic and fill the cavity or the damaged area with the paste to restore its shape and stop further damage of the base. A few years ago. This filling was made of gold but now people do not use it much as they want it to look more like their original teeth shade. Apart from this, the use of inlays and outlays also provides support to the teeth to make it a little extra strong and hold the position tightly.

3.  Use of Dental Veneers: There are a lot of people who stop smiling just because of their crooked, cracked or damaged teeth. They find it hard to show their smile and let people take a look at their damaged teeth. However, this thing can be taken care of with the use of dental veneers. These are cap like structures that are manufactured with the use of best quality medical grade ceramic which is safe for your teeth as well as for the gums. These are customized according to the specific needs of the patient and can be placed over the broken or crooked teeth to give it a natural look. If you really want a new life for your damaged teeth, these veneers are the perfect choice but a bit expensive also. You just have to invest a little more just to get back your smile and the confidence that you lost earlier. These caps are applied with the use of dental adhesive that is safe to be used for such treatment plans. The adhesive helps the cap to stay fit on the teeth and don’t let it slip through its base.  You can rely on this procedure without any second thought in your mind.

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