Most Hardworking Social Worker In Dahisar - Harish Gaikwad

Sambhaji Nagar The progress of Dahisar, the support of the people there, and new hope for the children has come to Harish Anil Gaikwad, who is only 24 years old, and he has understood from his young age that only for his good. Never think, because real happiness comes only by helping others.

Sambhaji Nagar In Dahisar

he has proved to be a big-hearted, intelligent, and open-minded leader. Who has won the trust of the people there with his ability?

More recently, Harish Anil Gaikwad has done the work of reaching rations in the house of everyone living in Sambhaji Nagar, In Sambhaji Nagar in Dahisar, a grain distribution program was organized by a net charitable organization with permission.

People need such a leader who gives less speech and more ration. Because speech does not fill the stomach of any poor, Harish Anil Gaikwad has proved to be a very good leader of Dahisar through his work. Harish Anil Gaikwad is motivating the young children there with his work, seeing that everyone is waking up to do something for the country and his society.

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