The 10 Most Luxurious And Contemporary Italian Furniture Brands


Matter and transparency, contemporaneity, craftsmanship, and experimentation: are the main values of the most luxurious Italian Furniture Brands.

Because of this, we present a selection of italian bed brands with hand-made furniture, demonstrating their evolutionary design ethos of continuity while at the same time expressing their creativity and innovation. Explore each one of these Italian Furniture Brands and get impressed!

When you think of gathering your loved ones under one roof, you most likely imagine a big family dinner in your modern dining chairs online room or a friendly get-together in your stylish living room. Either way, these places are typically made for sharing with the most important people in your lives, so they always have to be on top of their design game. With that in mind, Furniturewalla presents a Room By Room page, where you could easily navigate through a neverending number of possibilities for you to fuel your design ideas.

Luxury Living Group

Bentley Home

The Bentley Home collection has been interpreting the luxurious personality of the automobile brand since 2013. The silhouettes, precious materials and iconic shapes of Bentley Motors have been translated into a new language intended for the home. Sporting a passion for technology, goods can be customised in the finishes that have made the British brand unique, from the most exquisite leathers to Calacatta and Valentine Grey marbles, right through to the woods that echo the automotive codes

Luxury Living Group develops, produces and distributes high-quality furniture collections for some of the most important international furniture brands. One of them is the Bentley Home. This Italian designer furniture brand‘s design is inspired by the time-honoured craftsmanship and precious material selection.


Enrico Cappellini opens a small workshop in Carugo, a small town a few steps from Como and Milan, producing traditional pieces of furniture according to the artisan traditions of the Brianza area.

From the first approaches to the international creativeness, passing through the marketing of pieces of high quality, Cappellini gave life during the years to different collections, heterogeneous, but that cohabit with great harmony and facility under the same brand. The products of this luxury Italian furniture brand are never boring neither absurd, but they always possess something of alive and light, often full of healthy humour, other times proposing brave and dynamics formal solutions.

Fratelli Boffi

Furniture from the Italian company Boffi Frateli is a combination of wide selection, decent quality, attractive design and high functionality. It is not surprising that the decisions of the brand quickly became popular almost all over the world.

The true DNA of Fratelli Boffi Company, as an sofa sets brand, has become worldwide known for producing luxury furniture with a unique design destined to last forever.


The tradition of Giorgetti goes back to more than 100 years ago when it started its activity in Brianza and it still forges ahead with innovation, conserving the patrimony of its experience in cabinet making. The uniqueness of Giorgetti lies in its capacity to make quality and innovation parts of its life.

Maximum quality, aesthetical innovation, ability in processing and made in Italy are the historical prerogatives of Giorgetti, one of the most contemporary Italian Furniture Brands.

Illulian Luxury Rugs

Illulian is a historic and prestigious brand of world renown in the field of Luxurious Custom handmade Rugs with a contemporary design. This Italian marble dining table brand has never stopped evolving in its over 60 years of activity through a process of uninterrupted growth, participating in great projects, collaborating with prestigious figures in the world of architecture, design, and fashion, and also building modern interior design projects.

Opera Contemporary

The new lounge chair designed by Draga & Aurel is pure energy: that of the sun, rising in the morning. An iconic piece that combines the desire for absolute freedom with the presence of a strong bond with personal routines in private life. Aurora embodies the possibility of infinite physical spaces, to be experienced and discovered with the intensity of constantly new emotions.

Greatly admired for their elegance and quality, all collections by this Italian Furniture Brand are bywords for status and exclusivity both within private residences and in the grand halls of embassies, villas or luxury hotels.

Reflex Angelo

To accompany the creativity and ingenuity of the Lucatello family, we go out and find international brands that have interpreted the philosophy of our company in the best way possible, and which have developed internationally recognizable products over the years.

Masters of glass, marble, iron, and wood, Reflex Angelo furniture is made possible by a scintillating combination of ancient knowledge and cutting-edge innovation.


Every one of the SELVA's special features come to life in Isola Rizza, near Verona, Italy. In tight collaboration with small Italian factories, each piece of furniture is produced according to strict traditional models and crafting techniques. Every employee is committed with their hearts and souls, to create beautiful pieces of furniture. And this now things 50 years!

SELVA luxury furniture is distinguished by an elegant structure and perfect handcrafted execution.

Trussardi Casa

The Trussardi Casa collection conveys a timeless elegance inspired by Milan’s metropolitan dynamism. Launched at the 2014 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, this line of furniture and home accessories represents a journey through three generations: their history, culture, past and sights set on the future. Solutions for both the living and sleeping areas are defined by clean-cut lines and unique materials, and remain faithful to that concept of informal elegance that has been the hallmark of the Greyhound brand for over one hundred years.

The Trussardi Casa collection provides a dynamic and modern interior design, empowered to convey the family spirit that has always been the story of Trussardi.


What is beauty? We have an answer that may seem banal because of its simplicity: beauty is a source of well-being if not pleasure. We perceive it immediately: whatever seems beautiful and well-made conditions our mood, it makes us feel good, it makes the world better, and it helps us to face difficulties and daily tasks with a positive attitude.

Turri is a contemporary Italian Furniture Brand for an exclusive lifestyle in every room: modern sofa beds online, designed living rooms, and luxury dining rooms.

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