MPPSC Preparation Strategy: Last Month Before Exam

A month before the MPPSC examination is indeed a stressful and challenging time for all the aspirants. It is because they have invested their time and energy in studying the entire syllabus, creating notes, and revising those notes.

Regardless of your preparation, you have to ensure that whatever you have studied flows seamlessly in your mind. The last month is like the final stage of preparation, where you have to do the icing on the cake. While positivity and being confident are much required during this time, the focus and right strategy will play a significant role.

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But what should be your strategy during the last month before the exam to become able to crack the exam?

One Month Preparation Strategy for MPPSC Exam

Day 1 to Day 6: History

The MPPSC syllabus categorizes the History subject into ancient, medieval, and modern. The questions in the exam are mostly asked from the medieval and modern history of India.

In these 6 days, dedicate one day to ancient history, two days to modern history, and the rest three days to medieval history. This way, you will be able to cover and revise the topics strategically.

If you are someone who hasn’t covered much of the history syllabus, then choose the topics to be studied wisely. From ancient Indian history, you can pick Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Civilization, Jainism, Buddhism, Indian Greeks, etc.

From medieval history, study Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, Shivaji, and architecture. Whereas, Revolution 1857, the arrival of European companies in India, the Independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi, and history from 1885 to 1947 are the essential topics for modern history.

Day 7 to Day 10: Geography

During these days, prepare yourself for the geography subject. Questions in the exam appear from world geography and India geography.

While you must go through the full notes and syllabus, we have shared some important topics to be studied if you lack the right preparation.

The atmosphere, internal structure of the earth, maps, and topography are the must-study topics from world geography. Whereas, from Indian geography, study physical division, India’, census, river valley projects in India, national parks and sanctuaries, and tribes.

Day 11 to Day 14: Environment

The environment is an important subject for the MPPSC exam. While the number of questions per subject keeps on varying every year, you should be covering most of the topics for stronger preparation.

If you are looking for important topics related to the environment subject in MPPSC, we have curated some for you. You must study the international days, various international conventions, Ramsar convention, tiger census, air pollution and plans to reduce it, chief organizations, and the India State of Forest Report.

Day 14 to Day 18: Madhya Pradesh

This is the most important subject for the MPPSC Prelims exam. In the year 2018, there were 30 questions in the prelims paper related to Madhya Pradesh. You must focus more on it as it holds high weightage.

This is why you have to study it for five days among the last 30 days before the exam. You should cover all the topics for more substantial preparation and take guidance from expert faculties in the best MPPSC coaching in Indore or other cities in the state.

The important topics related to this subject include the formation and reorganization of MP, basic introduction of MP, rivers of MP, irrigation and river valley projects, forests and wildlife, national parks and sanctuaries, population, Panchayati Raj System, fairs, awards and honors, prominent personalities, folk arts, tourism, and tribes.

Day 19 to Day 24: Economy and Polity

For polity and economy, you can give yourself six days. Both subjects hold equal importance and weightage in the MPPSC exam. In the prelims paper, you are highly likely to see questions related to the Indian economy, important terminologies related to the economy, as well as about the important economic bodies in India.

For Polity, you must study the development of the Indian constitution, citizenship, Indian Constituent Assembly, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, Constitutional Body, Articles, President of India, Governor, High Court, Supreme Court, Statutory body, etc.

Day 25 to Day 30: Miscellaneous and Current Affairs

The last few days before the exam should be dedicated to studying current affairs and miscellaneous topics. To prepare yourself better for current affairs, you can refer to Speedy current affairs.

The important miscellaneous topics include recent tournaments, players and related sports, science and technology, prominent players of MP and their sports, tourist places in India, Ramsar site in India, UNESCO site in India, primary musical instruments and their players, and classical dances and dancers.

Wrapping up:

If you aspire to crack the MPPSC exam this year and have been preparing well for it for the last few months, then the last month's study strategy holds so much importance for you. This is the time when you decide what to revise, what to study new, what to skip, and how much to allocate for each subject. If you have created quality notes by studying at an MPPSC coaching in Indore, then these notes will be beneficial during this time window.

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