Myths and truths about a recruiting agency London

A recruitment agency works directly with the employers and the employees. A recruiting agency acts as a bridge between an employer and a job seeker. It matches an employer with the best possible candidate according to the needs of the employer. A recruitment agency has a complete idea of what an employer is looking for and helps him to find the best match for his company.

There are certain myths roaming about recruiting agencies but there are some hard truths we all need to know about these myths. Here is a thing, myths are not true they are just a waste of time and stops you from progression. The reality is that myths are nothing more than an ancient tittle-tattle. Some of the rumors about recruiting agencies are

Takes a share in salary

One of the biggest misunderstanding about recruiting agencies is that they takes their share

from the candidate’s salary but it’s not true. A recruiting agency charges their clients who pay them for their services on their own; nothing is deducted from the employee's salary.

No share is ever taken from the candidates salary, if a candidate is placed by a recruiting agency they will get the salary they have committed to from the company and recruiting agencies get paid through the companies who hired them for their employment services. Taking a percentage from an employee's salary is just a misinterpretation.

Not the one to trust

Another myth about recruiting agencies is that it’s services are not trustworthy but it’s just a rumor. A recruiting agency offers a variety of services for a company from hiring to onboarding it takes care of all the matters. Not just hiring matters, a recruiting agency also looks for a company's HR services.

The truth is a recruitment agency has an idea of what you are looking for and will provide you exactly the same results, the way you have imagined it to be in the most cost and time effective manner.


Another rumor about recruiting agencies is that they are too expensive, but the truth is they help you to save a lot of money by matching the right candidate with your company’s requirements and workload. By getting a good match for your company’s needs you can reduce your labor costs.

By hiring a recruiting agency for your recruitment purposes and HR administration you can observe a drastic reduction in your cost because a recruitment agency helps to save you time and cost by matching a perfect candidate for your company that proves to be a valuable asset for your company and you don’t have to hire again and again for the same position to get a perfect employee. This will help companies to save their money and time.

Sending CV

Another talk about recruiting agencies is that they only send CVs to the company, but it’s not the whole truth. A recruiting agency is responsible for hiring the best possible match for a company. From advertising the job, finding the qualified candidates that understand the requirements of the job role, screening of the applicants, to onboarding of the candidates as recruitment agencies take care of all of it.

Time is an asset of a company, a recruitment agency helps to save time which will help them to make profit constantly without worrying about their recruitment or administrative jobs near me HR administration related issues.

No future of recruiting agency

Another rumor around London about recruiting agencies is that the agencies will end soon. There is no future for recruiting agencies but it is a false story.

The recruitment agency has become a whole new industry in London. Organizations and individuals are taking services of recruiting agencies to get best suitable candidates and jobs for them. The survival rate of recruiting agencies has increased from 13.7% to 78.3% between 2014 and 2016. So it’s just a rumor that recruiting agencies are ending soon but the truth is it’s not going anywhere.

A recruitment agency provides fastest hiring in a cost effective manner with additional HR services that helps a company to grow by providing perfect candidates at low cost.

About Alienation Recruitment

Alienation Recruitment is the pioneer of providing temporary and permanent workforce solutions to a company. We work as a bridge between employees and employers and help them to meet each other. We at alienation recruitment understands the need of the employer and skills of an employee and helps them to find the right match from our talent pool in less time. We aim to provide career opportunities to individuals in every possible industry who are looking for a job. We allow businesses to hire the most talented and deserving candidates for their company so that they can thrive together.

At Alienation Recruitment, we have made the process of recruitment stress free for our clients, we provide most skilled people to our clients for both permanent and temporary positions according to their needs. We can proudly say that we are your most reliable recruiting partner.

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