Nagareshwara Temple

About Nagareshwara Temple:

Nagareshwara temple is very old and historic,it is situated at the heart of vijayapura ,Gandhi chowka.Nagareshwara temple has lord Nagareshwara, lord Ganesha and Parvathi devi .Nagareshwara temple at vijayapura is a very famous and hindu temple. It has more than 200 years of history.

This temple's specialty is , it has both Hari-Hara in single Prakara(Temples  of Sri Nagareshwara and Sri AdiNarayana Swami in single Prakara)
Construction of this temple was funded by famous Cotton merchant sri APPAYYASHYAMAPPA and PARVATHAMMA. During their time they used to export cotton to other countries. History tells that they constructed this temple from the profit obtained in the one year cotton export.

In the 2nd Phase of renovation RAJAGOPURA WITH PANCHAKALASAS was repaired with the cost of nearly Rs 15,00,000 and Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka was conducted from 25/01/2007 to 31/01/2007 in the presence and blessings of sri sri sri Siddalingamaha swamiji of Siddaganga Mutt .
The commity was registered on 29/10/2007 with 11 trustees to look after day to day activities of the temple and safeguard the valuable ornaments of the temple offered by devotees. Sri Nagareswaraswamy Prarthana Mandira was constructed to facilitate the society and as a source of income to the maintenance of the temple.

History of Nagareshwara Temple:

For the temple's inauguration Sir M VISVESVARAYA and his mother came by walk from Muddenalli and received ONE SILVER COIN as dakshine.
Due to some reasons this temple was shut for more than 40 years and used to get open only on the day of Deepavali festival. With the grace of Lord Nagareswara on 21st jan 1999 youths of Nagartha community formed AYODHYANAGARA SHIVACHARA VAISYA NAGARTHA YUVAKA SANGHA and  took initiative to renovate the temple.  With the contribution from the devotees the temple was renovated with the cost  of nearly  Rs 20,00,000 and reinaugurated on 22nd feb 2002 in the presence and Blessings of sri sri sri SHIVAKUMARA SWAMIJI of Siddaganga Mutt, Jagadguru Shivaratri Desikendra Maha Swamiji of Suttur Mutt and Sri V Muniyappa, minister of Karnataka state.      
After reopening of the temple The pooja kainkaryas fir Lord SRI  NAGARESWARASWAMY and LORD SRI ADINARAYANASWAMY (Hindu god) are going on regularly.

Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of Nageshwara Temple in Begur. One speciality is that it is known as Panchalingeshwara Temple as there are pancha-lingas (five lingas) in the shrine. Today, Naganatheshwara Temple attracts the city dwellers with its elegant structure.

Naganatheshwara Temple complex has 4 other Shiva shrines along with the main Nageshwara Temple. They are Sri Choleshwara Swamy, Sri Nagareshwara Swamy, Sri Kalimateshwara Swamy and Sri Karneshwara Swamy temples and they are collectively known as The Panchalingeshwara Temple.

Best Time to Visit:

October through April is the best time to visit Naganatheshwara Temple, Karnataka. Owing to the location of the state in South India, the climate of Karnataka remains on the warmer side throughout the year. Winters are mild, summer are hot and humid, and monsoon arrives early.


Naganatheshwara Temple complex comprises of an open hall which is connected to the great hall (maha mantapa) and a vestibule (antarala) which leads to the inner sanctum. Primary deity, a Shiva Linga is installed in the inner sanctum. Lord Shiva's mount Nandi is placed in the open hall facing the linga. The overall structure of the temple is simple and beautiful. Do not forget to carry your camera and capture special moments. nagareshwara temple, Vijayapura is the sure way to refresh and relax after a busy weekday. Explore interesting themes, fabulous designs, colorful landscapes, amusing characters, ambient music, props and merchandise available in nearby stores- all at one place. Nagareshwara temple, Vijayapura is the best way to have a memorable time and Travel with kids and family. So, enjoy a fulfilling outing at nagareshwara temple in Vijayapura.

Interestingly, hero stone with carvings depicting the warriors are also found here. Other sculptures of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, (Indian god) etc. are the major attractions in the temple premises.

Timing for Darshan at Nagareshwara Temple:

Nagareshwara Temple is open 24 Hours.


Located in the Haveri District of Karnataka state, India.

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