Netflix Shows That Are Binge-Worthy

Nowadays a lot of people have developed a hobby of watching web shows in their leisure time. Blame it on pandemic or the availability of various OTT platforms, people have been confused as ever. One of the most popular platforms is Netflix. Netflix offers you a variety of web series to binge-watch according to your mood at the weekend. It has lately acquired an audience with its spectacular movies and web shows. People are often seen asking each other for web-series recommendations. Not to worry readers as we are here to ease this step. We have rounded up the popular TV shows to make choosing your next binge-watch easier.

1. You:-

If you are bored of regular drama, crime mysteries and superhero outings then this show is what you need to watch. You are a combination of drama, mystery and a mind-blowing love story. I'm sure you have never seen such a creepy-as-hell character as Joe, the indie bookstore manager who develops a deep obsession over one of his customers, Guinevere Beck.
Joe's obsession leads him towards a hella-new world of stalking you haven't seen before. This story is far beyond the definition of a typical-romantic love story which will make you crave the ending desperately. You are intimidatingly thrilling which keeps you glued to the TV the whole time. Binge-watch it this weekend to take a ride on a knotty, twist-heavy and outrageous roller-coaster. The return of the show as a season 4 recently has been trending on shaderoom.

2. Squid Games:-

Being the newest show on Netflix, this show has been listed as the most successful K-Drama ever. Do not expect this to be a typical romantic K-Drama. A squid game is a mysterious survival game wherein a group of people with financial difficulties takes part in the competition for a hefty cash prize. They must compete in a series of child-friendly games but with deadly twists. This show will keep you hooked the whole time.

3. Breaking Bad:-

This show has recently been considered one of the best TV shows in the UK/US. As the show starts we can see the chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer making all his efforts in hiding his illegal dealings from his family.
The show will take you on a roller-coaster of tension throughout the entire series as Walter While is slowly seen transforming from a nice teacher to an evil hero. Breaking Bad is a complete thriller package that will take you on an ever-crazy height of rage.  The incredible compelling character of Walter White will make you watch-worthy throughout the entire season. Binge-watch it now on the netf'.

4. The Witcher:-

This show is an adaptation of  Andrzej Sapkowski's famous 'The Witcher Books'. It is an enjoyable big-fantasy series that will keep you hooked the whole time by its storyline and twist endings. If you like watching Game of Thrones, you'll love The Witcher.
The intense thrilling drama throughout the show as we can see the Geralt of Rivia playing a  monster hunter in the story where wars are being fought between nations will leave you amazed. The Geralt of Rivia facing off a Dark Creature is considered one of the best scenes of the season. The immense love for the show among the audience has made the creators announce the return of the show as season 2.

5. Stranger Things:-

This show is considered one of the best sci-fi series since the viewers have binged the hell out of the show multiple times. It is a story about a group of teenagers from a small town in Indiana who discovers a secret government experiment. A young boy goes missing which causes the family and friends of the teen to consider the possibility of the existence of a parallel world with horrific monsters and demons. This story of an emotional yet terrific journey of teens sneaking around on their bikes at night to find their missing friend will melt your heart. The cast of the show has done their best to give you the incredible experience of the characters. Other than this ysou can also watch the amazing space movie from 1992.

These are our top five Netflix shows that have been ridiculously popular in recent years. Hope you have a good time watching these.

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