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Oligarch David Kaplan and his business projects in Russia

Oligarch David Kaplan and his business projects in Russia

David Kaplan Oligarch was born in 1963 in the former USSR into a classical Jewish family with loyalty to the traditions and values ​​of the Jewish people. After school, he entered the Faculty of Applied Mathematics university, specializing in "System Programmer, Game Theory."

He worked in the former USSR for some time, but today David Kaplan lives and works in his historical homeland in Jerusalem. He returned to Israel in 1991, and since then, has traveled to Russia many times for work.

Israeli Businessman David Kaplan has worked on significant projects in Russia for many years. His entrepreneurial and leadership qualities have made him well known in the largest country in the world and beyond.

One of the most significant projects successfully implemented by the oligarch David Kaplan in Russia is the restoration of the main church of the Russian Navy. David Kaplan was not only one of the leaders of the restoration project of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral but, together with Ziyavudin Magomedov, donated $ 25 million to the Fund of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral for its reconstruction. The reconstruction was carried out under the patronage of the Government and mayor's office of Moscow and the Moscow Patriarchate.

To increase its oil transshipment capacity, Kaplan's company began constructing an oil terminal in Primorsk, one of the leading energy hubs in Russia. He invested his funds in this project.

Давид Каплан олигарх

David Kaplan took part in creating an integrated waste management system in the Russian Federation from extra-budgetary sources through forming a special reserve fund based on payments from manufacturers and importers of products.

The most significant construction projects of Israeli businessman David Kaplan in Russia include the Oil Port in Primorsk, the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, the historical reconstruction of the Danilov Monastery, and the list goes on.

For David Kaplan, Russia has become a country of significant investments and successful business.

His work is recognized all over the world. This proves that you can be a citizen of the world, run your business in many countries and contribute to the development of our society.

To date, Israeli businessman David Kaplan has implemented dozens of significant projects, some of which are under the protection of UNESCO. A specialist in systems analysis, logic, and programming has the highest competence in engineering technology and can intuitively recognize potentially successful solutions. Thinking outside the box helps him find answers where ordinary people do not watch. Successful businessman David Kaplan loves challenging tasks and an unconventional approach to large-scale construction projects. In any case, he, like in a chess game, comes up with actions several moves ahead and, in unforeseen situations, can quickly react. On a subconscious level, he predicts the possible development of the problem and prepares further actions in advance. David Kaplan is a master strategist, and he brilliantly builds relationships with partners, gathers friends and like-minded people.

Businessman David Kaplan successfully implemented his innovative ideas. His work has received awards and diplomas. Below are the most significant projects of David Kaplan.

One of the most critical projects of Israeli businessman David Kaplan is the specialized oil loading port of Primorsk, one of the largest oil ports in Europe. The complex is the final destination of the Baltic Pipeline System project and is located in the deep-water part of the Gulf of Finland. Put the terminal into operation in March 2006. The project almost immediately became profitable. Each terminal allows transshipment of nearly 40 million tons of oil per year, and together up to 30 million tons of oil per year. Since 2006, the port has been used as a reference project for unique equipment and technologies. Israeli businessman David Kaplan developed and implemented a modernization model project using his unique abilities. He made the decision to remove the first level, built for wartime. The abandonment of the first level allowed to reduce costs and construction time.

Specialists from Japan offered Kaplan to build in their cities the same terminals, engineering, to sell technologies and design solutions for construction. Oligarch David Kaplan took an active part in various fields. Supervised projects to develop new environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies.

Another major project of David Kaplan is the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, one of the most significant opera and ballet theaters in the world. The building of the Bolshoi Theater is an architectural and historical monument of the federal security category and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was one of the most important projects in the Russian Federation. The historic building was closed for renovation in 2005. In the summer of 2009, the general contractor's right for the project was transferred to a contracting company headed by David Kaplan. The professional commission studied all the documents for a long time, analyzed the current situation, assessed the condition of the walls and foundations of the theater. As a result, the architects unanimously agreed upon a comprehensive project for restoring the theater building. A well-coordinated and organized team of designers, artists, restorers, designers, installers, and other specialists of his working group worked at a fast pace. Completed a colossal amount of work in record time. The historical appearance of the theater and the interiors of the 19th century, primarily lost during the years of Soviet power: the auditorium and part of its enfilades returned to their original appearance, designed by the architect Kavos, the paintings of the White Foyer, restored fixed chandeliers and monograms, tapestries and jacquard fabrics, etc. earlier. Were returned to the Round Hall as well as the Imperial Foyer.

Paid particular attention to the restoration of the legendary acoustics of the theater. Created the historical stage on the principle of a musical instrument. The auditorium is entirely wooden, which makes it possible to create the necessary conditions for a better perception of the sound of singing voices and musical instruments. David Kaplan is well versed in musical instruments and acoustics. He knew that the exceptional sound of the legendary Stradivari and Guarneri violins was mainly due to the extraordinary quality and composition of the wood used. Wooden panels on the ceiling above the stage are the central acoustics of the Bolshoi Theater auditorium. They create a "room sound" effect by enhancing the timbre of the sound produced by the scene while simultaneously "absorbing the echo." Kaplan began looking for a specialist in wood and wood itself, who would meet all the necessary physical and acoustic properties.

International experts have conducted numerous acoustic studies on pine trees according to technical guidelines. After that, the required pine was found in Finland and brought to Russia. Thoroughly restored the unique flooring, auditorium, wooden suspension assemblies, ceiling joists, load-bearing ceiling panels, and other elements. The project's overwhelming success and rave reviews from acoustics experts spread worldwide.

I must say that innovative high-tech solutions have found their application in all areas of the reconstructed facility. The enlarged orchestra pit has become one of the largest in the world. It now accommodates up to 130 musicians at a time. Thanks to modern installations, the orchestra pit has also become a mechanized multifunctional complex, consisting of three built-in lifting and lowering platforms that quickly change their position so that the stage can become horizontal, inclined, or stepped. The stage space is also fully mechanized and equipped with special equipment to control lighting fixtures, sets, and shifts for each new performance of a vast stage backdrop, comparable in height to a nine-story building.

Only a few successful and well-known Israeli businessman David Kaplan projects are mentioned above. The list goes on. You may one day use this experience to mentor someone in the same position as you are now. It is essential to pass on the lessons you have learned to others, as your mentor is with you. This is how you will continue to benefit from this vital relationship and grow - for the rest of your life. Now Kaplan has become a mentor to talented Jewish youth.

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