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Orijen Dog Food Canada: An In-Depth Review

Orijen Dog Food Canada: An In-Depth Review

Orijen is a premium brand of dog and cat food produced by Champion Petfoods in Alberta, Canada, and Kentucky, United States of America. Reinhard Muhlenfeld founded Orijen Pet Foods in 1985, and it is now available in 70 countries.

The brand's name comes from the Latin word origin, which means "roots." Orijen seeks to create natural food products that are in step with the evolution of the dog. It has all of your dog's nutritional requirements and is made using fresh, typically local ingredients.

Although dogs and their closest relatives, wolves, are often connected, the nutrition of these two species has altered dramatically throughout time. While the howling-at-the-moon species has remained carnivorous, dogs have meat and plant-based requirements.

Orijen dog food Canada is based on the belief that dogs are primarily carnivorous creatures, and it emphasizes the necessity for meat in dogs. The recipes of this brand are similar to the food that our dogs can locate and eat in the wild.

Orijen Dog Food Diet

One of the most popular brands of dog food nowadays is Orijen. Their popularity originates from the trust that they have garnered from their satisfied customers. These customers take delight in feeding their dogs food that is biologically suitable, which Orijen dog food Canada offers. The majority of Orijen’s recipes (food products) are suitable for dogs of all ages. This means you can start feeding your puppy these formulas as soon as they start eating kibble.

Another benefit is that once your dog has been accustomed to the Orijen diet, you can adopt a rotating feeding strategy. Rotational feeding is the method of rotating your dog's food diet (wet food, dry food, raw)—rather than putting them on the same food type for the rest of their lives. This type of feeding your dog has become popular as a new holistic way to feeding your dog.

What Types of Ingredients Can You Find in Orijen Dog Food?

This company is known for its meat-based products. In comparison to other popular dog food brands, Orijen's recipes contain a lot of meat, which is, in a manner, their trademark. Meat makes up 85–90% of each formula.

2/3 of the formula is made up of raw or fresh meat. If you decide to introduce raw food to your dog, be sure it is made with high-quality ingredients. Canines require 37 essential components to meet all of their dietary needs, which might be difficult to achieve with raw dog food.

Each Orijen product contains at least six different meats. Meat is high in protein, and dogs are adapted to digest substantial quantities of it. Dogs, however, also require plant-based nutrition, which can be found in fruits and vegetables. Also, meat is deficient in calcium, although this can be compensated by consuming entire or ground bones in raw food.

Because of the substantial meat content, energy comes primarily from protein and less from carbohydrates. If your dog consumes too much carbohydrates, it is more likely to gain weight. Even though many people believe that a high-protein diet is detrimental to older dogs, this is not the case. There are fewer carbs in a diet with more protein.

Organ meats are used in this brand, such as liver, kidney, and tripe. Minerals like magnesium, copper, iodine,  iron, and also vitamins like E, A, D, and K, are abundant in these organs. Orijen uses Whole prey ratios of muscle, raw organs, cartilage, and meat.

The Bottom Line

The recipes for Orijen dog food Canada are not the same as those for commercial dog food. Their diet is largely meat-based, so switching from regular food to one of their recipes might be a big change for your dog.

Before making the switch, choose an Orijen recipe that contains the same meat type as the meal you've been giving them.

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