Ottomans and Pouffes: The Perfect Items for Jazzing Up Your Space

From offering seating arrangements to dividing the room or just piling up your clothes, ottomans and poufs are the ultimate solution for every lazy person. They are one of the most giving items of the house and can be used in a lot of different ways. They are rapidly becoming a part of every Indian home and now is the right time for you to invest in them too.

If you are looking for ottoman furniture online, you need to visit Wooden Street right away. We bring for you the best ottomans and poufs that will completely change the way your space looks. Here are some of the ways in which they can make your life a lot easier and more functional:

For Dividing the Room

ottoman stool

The modern houses these days are very compact and people struggle for space all the time. A lot of homeowners have started using ottomans and poufs for dividing their big living room into two or more separate spaces. From a snug play zone to a cosy dining area, you can convert your space into a multiple of regions using these saviours. So, they not only just divide the room but also give you more seating options.

Perfect for Kids

ottoman chair

If there is a play area or playroom with a TV unit in your house, you do not need to clutter the space by adding in a sofa. Just go for a cute ottoman furniture that will blend well with the decor of the play area and your kids are surely going to enjoy it. If you want more storage options, you can also go for a storage ottoman to keep their toys and board games in.

One Pouf, Many Uses

ottoman with storage

You can maximize the versatility of poufs by using them for resting your feet, keeping your magazines, and as a flat surface where you can put your drinks on. If your pouf does not have a smooth top, you can place a tray on it to make things easier for you and to make sure your drinks and books don’t topple down.

Excellent Storage Solution

If you struggle with storage space, investing in a good storage ottoman will be a great idea. You can use it for keeping your extra linens, craft supplies, stationary, and all that which occupy a lot of space in your house and create clutter. These ottomans can easily double up as great storage boxes where your items will not only be safe but also free of dirt and dust.

As An Extension for Sofa

If your sofa is not big enough to accommodate a lot of people, poufs and ottomans can be a great extension of your seating arrangement. They can also be used as a footstool for keeping the feet up and relaxing. You can even stretch out properly on this and it will be a great companion for your sofa.
If you are looking for new poufs and ottoman online, you must shop from WoodenStreet. We have a lot of different patterns and designs for you to choose from. Scroll through our collection and bring home the best of the best.

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