PCS Prostaff Payroll Services & Tax Processing Services, California: Save time & money

PCS ProStaff Inc Providing Best Payroll Services, Payroll management, Payroll outsourcing, Payroll & Tax Processing Services in full compliance with California wage payment system that saves you time & money, with HR & Timekeeping system Business Consulting, Payroll, Staffing, HR, Executive Recruitment, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, Advisory Services in California. Trusted Business & Human Resources Consultants.

Since 2001 we have provided Professional Services throughout the Western United States.  The vision of our founder was and is to be the premier leader of Administrative Business Services where small and large businesses can compete by maximizing our technology, systems and processes.  Our services include, Payroll, HR Consultancy, Administrative Staffing, Executive Recruitment and Workplace Safety Consultancy.  “PCS” is perfectly placed to deliver services on behalf of our business partners and clients throughout the Western United States.

As a leading talent management solutions provider, we invest in tapping high-value support and developing processes that are compliant to California’s legislation, to help a range of small businesses and large enterprises in California achieve their strategic goals and long-term profitability. Our specialised services include Executive Recruitment, Professional Staffing Services, Human Resources Support, Environmental Health & Safety support services and developing Cal-OSHA Compliance Programs to improve the bottom line of consulting companies and business consultants.

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