Pointers to know how to score highest marks in class 12 maths

Every student hopes to do well on their class 12 maths exams while studying, and students frequently search for ways to spend all their time studying and learning more effectively throughout this critical period. However, finding the correct answer to “how to get good grades in class 12 maths” is not always simple.

As a fundamental subject, mathematics requires a thorough understanding of the concepts and the concise application of equations using progressive logical techniques. However, with a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and continued practice, any learner can succeed in mathematics.

Here Vidya Setu brings you to study tricks that can assist students in efficiently studying and scoring high on exams.

Class 12 Mathematics Curriculum

You can check the Class 12 Maths Curriculum here. Additionally, students can start their preparation following this updated syllabus.

Term 1 CBSE Class 12 Maths Syllabus And Marks Distribution 2021-22

Time: 90 minutes
Max Marks: 40

I.Relations and Functions08
V.Linear Programming05
 Total Theory40
 Internal Assessment10
 Grand Total50

Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Maths Syllabus Marks Distribution 2021-22

Max Marks: 40

IV.Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry14
 Total Theory40
 Internal Assessment10
 Grand Total50

Tips to Scoring Highest Marks in Class 12 Maths

1. Make a study schedule ahead of time

A class 12 student has many important subjects to cover, including Maths. So, students must make a study plan beforehand to plan their preparation accordingly. Class 12 Maths Curriculum is vast and extensive, and hence, students must devote time to practice maths regularly.

2. Learn Innovative ways to solve a problem

Instead of cramming answers, think of new ways to learn a concept. Moreover, there are numerous techniques for a maths problem. Also, there might be chances of forgetting the steps in between while writing the answers. Hence, you should learn innovative ways to attempt any maths problem. Additionally, focus on understanding the topics and concepts.

3. Understanding the Class 12 Maths Curriculum

Students preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Maths Boards should prioritize units with the highest weightage in the board exam. Also, it will help to increase your motivation and lay the groundwork for you to progress on to more complex subjects in the future. CBSE keeps the weightage changing. Hence, students must go through the Class 12 Maths curriculum properly.

4. NCERT Books for Class 12 Maths

Though you can use other books as a guide, the NCERT textbooks offers an extensive selection of exercise and solved illustrations on each topic. Moreover, that’s more than enough to start preparing you for your board examination. Additionally, Keep a reference book next to your NCERT textbooks for a quick clarification on complicated topics, and make a note of the essential and difficult queries as you go.

5. Mock Tests & Practice Sample Papers

The best way to assess what you’ve learned while preparing for class 12 maths is to use sample papers and mock tests from the preceding year. Moreover, these mock tests help students prepare for exam day by determining whether or not they can give a mock exam in a reasonable amount of time. So, set your timer, grab a sample paper, and appear the test as if it were the real thing. As a result, you’ll be able to see which sections take the most time for you and where you can cut corners.

6. Self-Evaluation and Self-Assessment

It is critical to conduct self-evaluation and self-assessment. As a first step for feeling less anxious, identify your restrictions and weak areas. Before the exam, take a few practise tests to see where you stand and what errors you’re making. Additionally, improvise and retake the practise test.

7. Don’t ignore your health

While studying for Class 12 Maths exams, keep your health in mind. While it is critical to put in long hours to get good grades on exams, eating healthy foods and getting enough fresh air every day is crucial. So, to refresh your mind, work out for at least 30 minutes each two or three days. Also, you can go for a morning workout. Moreover, physical activities can greatly enhance your learning process while keeping you refreshed and energized.

How Can Online Classes Help in Scoring Good Marks?

1. Students have the option of learning at their own pace.

Students have far more adaptability to omit content they already comprehend or pause to concentrate on what they discover extremely challenging when they have access to lecture videos (or the ability to record online sessions)

2. Tutors can offer specialized training.

Online tutors can provide individualized instruction to every student because they enable them to study for the Class 12 Maths exam at their speed. Additionally, while some students prefer to learn independently, they can help those with difficulty with specific parts of the curriculum.

3. There will be very little social interaction.

Relationships with peers are an important part of learning, but they can also be a source of distractions in bullying, flirting, and quarrels. Moreover, these drawbacks can be mitigated by using online education.

4. Time-to-Time Mock tests

Various online platforms conduct time-to-time mock tests in their platform so that students can always assess their study progress. Moreover, this is essential for class 12 maths students. The mock tests are usually on the latest exam pattern, helping students understand the exam pattern.

Vidya Setu – Best Online Classes

With so many benefits of online classes, students now search for the best online classes for themselves. Well, Vidya Setu is your perfect online learning partner for class 12 students.

Since the Class 12 Maths Curriculum is vast, and students may find difficulties understanding the concepts, Vidya Setu is here to help them with interactive live classes. Additionally, Vidya Setu has separate video lectures for each maths chapter, helping students understand the concepts better.

Also, students in class 12 can perform well only if they understand math concepts well. So, Vidya Setu’s course lectures are very easy to understand so that an average student can understand the course content perfectly.


Studying maths isn’t tough, but not understanding the concepts makes it challenging. So, don’t worry, students, with these above steps and Vidya Setu’s guidance, you can score good marks in class 12 math. So, don’t wait as board exams are approaching. Join Class 12 Maths Online Classes today.

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