Popular Intakes to Study Abroad in 2022

After finalizing a course and university, what is the next step for a student in their study abroad journey? Selection of the suitable study abroad intake! The overseas colleges and universities offer two to three intakes for international students.

The solemn reason behind multiple intakes is that universities want to accommodate maximum students, give them the flexibility to choose, and reduce the difficulty for international aspirants to take admissions.

Following are the most common study abroad intakes, their commencement period, and their features. Let’s explore!



Spring Intake

January to Early May

Fall Intake

Late August to Late December

Summer Intake


Further, let’s explore their prominent characteristics:

Spring Intake

This intake starts in January and ends at the beginning of May. Many universities like Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, etc, do not offer spring intake. Therefore, confirm from official websites in advance. Its features are as follows:

  • Competition in this intake is less as only a few students apply in the spring. However, due to this, the university acceptance rate is higher as compared to fall intake.
  • Usually, the students who have an internship or job to pursue after graduation apply in the spring intake.
  • As the students join the courses in between semesters; therefore, the scholarship funds and odds of getting one are less than the fall intake.

Fall Intake

This begins in late August or the beginning of September and ends in December. Many popular universities like Stanford University, MIT, etc, offer the spring intake for international students.

  • It receives the highest number of admission applications as the high school and undergraduate courses of many students are completed around April.
  • More students apply in the fall intake compared to spring; therefore, the competition is more and chances of getting selected are less.
  • More scholarship funds are available with the universities for the fall intake students.

Summer Intake

This intake has a special scenario that offers education in a few universities and courses to limited students.

  • Fewer students apply to universities during the summer intake, which increases the chances of selection compared to spring and fall intake.
  • Given the conditions of the global pandemic, it has become difficult for the students to take admissions. However, summer intake reduces the competition and helps get admission quickly.

Note: A few countries also have winter intakes and other names for the intakes. However, the duration of each intake varies from country to country every year. So it’s essential to check updates on the official university website. 

With a clear perspective on the common study abroad intakes, let’s explore the…

Top 5 Countries with Study Abroad Intakes 2023

The list of best countries to pursue quality education includes the following along with their intake and university application information.

  1. United States: The USA caters to the maximum number of international students for study abroad education. Let’s check the university application date of all its intakes in 2023.
  • Fall intake 2023: November 2022
  • Spring intake 2023: May 2022 - July 2022
  • Summer intake 2023: November 2022 - March 2023
  1. United Kindom: Colleges in the UK offer only two intakes in fall and spring. Their university application dates are as follows.
  • Fall intake 2023: December 2022 - June 2023
  • Spring intake 2023: September 2022
  1. Canada: This country not only provides world-class education but opens doors to fantastic job opportunities for international students. Besides, Canada also offers winter intake, which replaces spring intake. Let’s check its application dates for the study abroad intakes 2023.
  • Fall intake 2023: December 2022 - March 2023
  • Winter intake 2023: September 2022 - November 2022
  • Summer intake 2023: January 2022 - February 2022
  1. Germany: This country is famous for its research facilities and practical education system. Besides, it offers two intakes for international students, i.e. winter and summer intake. Let’s check the 2023 application dates for them.
  • Winter/September intake 2023: September 2022 - February 2023
  • Summer intake 2023: December 2022 - Mid January 2023
  1. New Zealand: With its international education system, research facilities, and accredited qualifications, New Zealand is becoming famous among international students for abroad education. It usually offers January and July intakes. However, besides these, few universities also offer September/November intakes. Let’s explore the application dates.
  • January intake 2023: August 2022 - September 2022
  • July intake 2023: February 2023 - March 2023

Along with these facts, students can also check the spring intake US 2023 guide to ace their application game.

Selecting the appropriate intake and applying to the university before deadlines is a challenging task. With the accumulation of critical documents, application of passport/visa, procurement of finances, and application of scholarship, a student can feel exhausted.
But worry not, choose Yocket to ease your study abroad process. Its end-to-end guidance and specially curated services will ensure your educational journey is successful.

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