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Rare Nike Shoes Were Sold For Rs 3 Crore At An Auction

Rare Nike Shoes Were Sold For Rs 3 Crore At An Auction

A pair of running shoes from 1972 was sold for a whopping Rs 3 Crore ($437,500) at a Sotheby’s auction, officially making it the most expensive pair of trainers ever sold.

The “Moon Shoes” are considered to be the first pair of Nike shoes ever made. It was designed by co-founder and track coach Bill Bowerman for runners at the 1972 Olympics trials. Only 12 pairs of the shoe exist in the world but this is the only pair that is still unworn according to Sotheby’s.

The previous highest amount ever paid for a pair of sneakers at a public auction was Rs 1.3 Crore ($190,373) in California in 2017. They were a pair of signed Converse shoes said to have been worn by legendary basketball player Michael Jordan in the 1984 Olympic basketball final.

Miles Nadal won the 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat 'Moon Shoes' in a Sotheby's online sale Tuesday

The buyer was a Canadian investor and car collector named Miles Nadal, who even paid more than Rs 5 Crore ($850,000) for 99 other pairs of rare and limited sneakers at Sotheby’s auction house in New York.

Nadal said in a statement he was excited to display his purchase. “I think sneaker culture and collecting is on the verge of a breakout moment,” he said. Nadal plans to proudly display the “Moon Shoe” along with his 99 other pairs acquired at the auction.

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