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Reasons Why Windows Replacement Is Important and the Benefits You'll Receive

Reasons Why Windows Replacement Is Important and the Benefits You'll Receive

‌‌Your home may not talk, complain or raise alarm, but from the ceilings in your living room to the sink in your kitchen, it gives you signs when all is not well. You may find yourself repairing or replacing a lot of things around the house as time goes by - and if you’ve noticed your home feeling leaky recently, your windows could be the cause. If these windows are run-down and no longer efficient, they will not only be a security issue but can wear down and cause problems for your home.

‌‌Windows are one of the most important features of a home, offering protection and energy efficiency through better ventilation and more access to natural light. But as your home ages, so does everything inside and outside of it. Keeping your windows and doors in working order becomes essential, and checking them from time to time is always recommended. ‌‌Is It Time for New Windows?‌‌Uncovering whether or not it’s time to replace your windows is not always easy for some homeowners especially since the cost of new windows adds up fast when you factor in all the rooms in your house. For others though, it’s clear, while the task might not be too obvious for another category of home buyers. As a result, timing becomes essential when you’re planning a window replacement given that you make the most of your current windows life cycle with a guaranteed profitable return on investment.

‌‌Benefits of Replacing Your Old Windows

‌‌Because your home is likely your largest investment, beginning the window replacement process is a big decision - and when it comes to improving the performance and efficiency of existing windows, it’s important you know you’re making the right choice before upgrading. Many homeowners and contractors have a range of options to consider, though the bottom line remains that well-designed windows reduce noise and improve your home’s curb appeal. To keep you ahead of the curve, our window replacement experts compiled a list of possible benefits of replacing your old windows following best practices.‌‌

Safety and effective noise control:‌‌Many older windows tend to have air leaks or become very difficult to open and close over time, exposing you and the entire family to possible danger. Aside from helping to strengthen your home security, new windows provide better noise control if you live close to the main road or have noisy neighbors.‌‌Energy Efficient‌‌Dilapidated and older windows can have a significant impact on your home's insulation, leading to higher energy bills. Are you worried about your furnace working overtime in the winter? new windows are more than a stylish touch to your home because they can add a lot in terms of energy efficiency to help cut costs on heating and cooling bills!‌‌Increase the value of your home

‌‌If you are planning on selling or flipping your home in the next couple of years, know that window replacement projects add substantial value to any property, with a big payoff. Replacement windows can offer a 90% return on investment in terms of curb value according to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report.‌‌We understand that replacing your windows may seem scary at first, but if you choose to work with FALCON Windows and Doors, the whole process is fun.

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