Russian businessman Andrey Germash - should solve the problems of Kamchatka with the help of WWF

The World Wildlife Fund invited representatives of the Russian fisheries to observe the work of the Council and meet with various groups of fishermen, scientists, and US managers. The delegation included Russian businessman Andrey Germash, whose fish production in Kamchatka is the largest supplier of salmon and red caviar in Russia.

More than 98 thousand large and small lakes of various types in Kamchatka: lagoonal (on the coast), tectonic, glacial, caldera, floodplain, peat. It is not surprising that with such an abundance of water resources, the Kamchatka Territory is famous for its fish wealth. Almost all types of salmon are caught: pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, sim, chinook salmon, char, kunja. About what Kamchatka is famous for and about the problems of this region, Russian businessman Andrey Germash knows firsthand - he grew up here, got an education, and began his career as a fisheries manager. Andrey Germash's company "Vostochny bereg" (East Coast) manufactures red caviar, including frozen caviar, without preservatives. The entire production cycle is carried out directly in the fishing area at our coastal fish processing plants, allowing us to control products' quality and safety at every stage. Thanks to high-tech equipment and qualified personnel, catch to packaging takes no more than four hours. This allows the products to preserve their unique properties and taste without the use of preservatives.

The purpose of the trip to the meeting of the Council of the World Wildlife Fund, Andrey Germash, for himself determined to consider the approach of the Council in the regional organization of his native land of Kamchatka, on the management of fisheries, based on the conservation of nature. In addition to the directors of the leading fish processing plants, one of which is Andrey Germash himself, the delegation included employees of the WWF Kamchatka/Bering Sea fishery program and high-ranking government officials of the Kamchatka and Koryak regions.

The main activity of the World Wildlife Fund is to draw attention to the problems of nature conservation. The Bering Strait is the eastern gateway to the Arctic; it can be considered an area characterized by high risks in navigation (due to difficult ice conditions, etc.) and high sensitivity of environmentally vulnerable natural areas and water areas to harmful effects. In this regard, it is necessary to assess how the development of shipping, especially the mass transportation of hydrocarbons, can affect sensitive natural complexes and what measures need to be taken to reduce the risks of environmental pollution to an acceptable level. All this is of great importance for fishing, as it is directly related to the population of coastal fauna. Like other Far Eastern seas, the Bering Sea is characterized by high biological productivity. This is an area of ​​intensive industrial fishing.

Establishing closer cooperation between the North Pacific and the Russian fishing industry, the exchange of professional experience is an essential task for the development of Kamchatka. Russian businessman Andrey Germash is sure of this and plans to continue participating in the WWF Councils.

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