Serverwala Review: 99.90% Uptime Dedicated server Hosting in Singapore From Serverwala


While you search or look for the web hosting solution for your website, you will most likely encounter the term saying '99.90% Uptime Guarantee' frequently. Almost all the best and leading web hosting companies employ or display the Uptime assurance clause in order to gain your confidence in the quality of their web hosting services. Moreover, numerous web hosts market heavily market about providing the highest uptime guarantee. It is because this aspect is the most crucial factor to consider when seeking the reliable and right hosting provider. In fact, these times, 99.90% of Uptime has become a web hosting industry standard.

In this article, we will be giving insights into the top-notch web hosting company that provides the high-grade Dedicated server  Singapore hosting with the 99.90% uptime network guarantee - Serverwala. However, let us first learn about what is uptime and why the high percentage of uptime is essential for the website.

A brief overview of Service Uptime Guarantee In Singapore

An uptime guarantee with the dedicated server Singapore implies that your website will have the capacity to be online for a particular percentage of a year. A good uptime value indicates that your web hosting server is functioning efficiently without any interference. As a result, your website is able to stay up and run effectively by delivering optimal performance. However, any big or small interruption in the hosting server’s working can lead to your website's downtime. This can result in losing your existing customers as well as the opportunity to draw potential customers to your website. Further, the frequent downtime also makes search engines like Google lower your SEO ranking as they tend to provide the best and reliable results for the user's keywords.

In other terms, the higher the percentage of uptime, the better will be your web hosting service. For instance, 100% uptime assurance implies that your web hosting server will not go down or shut down for not even a minute in a month.

99.9% Dedicated Server Singapore Uptime Guarantee - what does it mean?

The dedicated server Singapore with a 99.90% uptime guarantee implies that your dedicated server in Singapore might get down or stop functioning for a maximum of 0.1 seconds of total minutes in a month. Moreover, you can note here that you obtain the 99.90% uptime assurance on yearly basis with some web hosting companies. So, you must confirm whether the uptime assurance you are getting is on a monthly basis or yearly basis before opting for a dedicated server hosting service from any web hosting company.

In case your web hosting company does not meet the uptime guarantee it ensures, you must attempt to compensate for the lost minutes or hours. Usually, you can take compensation through acquiring free hosting credits such as an additional month of hosting, etc.

Furthermore, the dedicated server Singapore offers various privileges that let your website avoid all the chances of facing downtime. Some of them are -

You get the entire space of your dedicated server to host your website. So, you can utilize it in a way such that your website becomes capable o of delivering seamless performance without any interruptions.

You get the possibility to upgrade the server resources when the traffic volume increases on your website. You can have root access to your server and operate the server with the highest uptime possible for your website.

Here's how to get a 99.9% uptime hosting service

Serverwala web hosting company has been recognized for delivering high-grade dedicated server hosting services with 99.90% uptime network assurance. You will acquire the service level agreement with each company's plan of dedicated server Singapore. Moreover, the company offers the cheapest range of dedicated server hosting plans with enterprise-grade hardware and the latest technologies.

Advantages of buying a Dedicated Server Hosting in Singapore From Serverwala

Here are some of the essential benefits, including the highest uptime network that you can obtain with Serverwala best-dedicated server Singapore -

Hardware RAID

With the dedicated server Singapore, your website will be able to attain the support of RAID - 0, 1, 5, 10.

Premium Bandwidth

Serverwala ensures the availability of premium bandwidth with each dedicated server hosting plan. Your website will acquire the fastest network and experience of up to 1 GBPS bandwidth.

Private VLAN Subnets

You will be able to construct the private server clusters with the dedicated server hosting in Singapore. Your website will have the access to the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

Robust Network

The data centers of the Serverwala make sure to deliver constant and secure network connectivity with the multiple Internet Exchanges. Your dedicated server Singapore will come with a robust network.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

The company provides one IPv4 and IPv6 address with the dedicated server hosting plan. It also offers more IPs addresses at extra prices.  

SSH Root Control

You will get the SSH root control of your dedicated server Singapore. This will enable you to easily do customizations and configure your server settings as per the necessities of your website.

High-Level Data Security

The company provides security-as-a-service with each dedicated server hosting plan. Your website will have firewall protection, DDoS protection, SSL security, and many other advanced data security features against all the outside threats.

Customer Reviews

Knowing the customer reviews is the way to be sure about whether you are investing your time and money with the right web hosting company or not. Also, they provide the assurance of the company's integrity. Moreover, you will obtain insightful details about whether the respective Singapore dedicated server hosting plan will benefit your website or not. Thus, here we have come up with reliable customer reviews about the Serverwala dedicated server Singapore -


Serverwala web hosting company accommodates the necessities of both the newcomers and experienced ones in the web hosting industry. It provides a fully managed web hosting service plan with the dedicated server Singapore for those who cannot or do not have time to manage the entire server on their own. On the other side, you can pick the unmanaged web hosting service with the dedicated server if you need to operate and maintain your server on your own.

Moreover, the Serverwala ensures 24/7/365 technical assistance with both types of dedicated server Singapore web hosting plans or packages. The company's experts will remain available round-the-clock in order to provide prompt and smart solutions for all your server-related queries. Check out the official website of the Serverwala to gain further more details about its excellent web hosting services and facilities -

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