Some Admirable Types Of Metalized Packaging Boxes

Attractive presentation of products has become the need of time. When it comes to attractive presentation, Metalized packaging boxes are matchless. There are different kinds of metallic appearance for them. They can have silver, gold, or copper foiling. These different types of foiling give different types of visual appeal. There are different types of shapes for these boxes, and they can be obtained in variable sizes as well. They can possess additional internal features such as inserts, compartments, or placeholders. They can be manufactured from kraft, corrugated, or other eco-friendly materials. They can have better barrier properties. They can be the best packaging where the high-end presentation ability is required. They can have a die-cut window, custom-shaped handles, or airtight lids. They can also come with embossed or debossed images and text. They can also come with brand details and product information. They present the products enticingly in the stores.

There are various admirable types of metalized packaging boxes available in market. These boxes can be categorized in many ways, such as according to shape, additional features, or type of foiling. Different businesses may use different types of boxes according to their needs. Following are some of the types of these boxes used for various products.

By Type Of Foiling

There are different types of foiling, and we can categorize boxes by considering the type of foiling. Let's have a look at the following.

1- Silver Foiling

The ordinary cardboard or kraft box can be made glamorous by using silver foiling. You have to coat the box with a thin sheet of silver metal. It makes the product packaging glowing and enticing. The main purpose of using this foiling is to decorate the boxes. They can help to attract customers. These boxes are used for different luxury products such as makeup, perfumes, or others.

2- Gold Foiling

There are different ordinary boxes, such as square or rectangular boxes. They can be made elegant by using gold foiling. In this case, boxes can have a thin coating of gold metal or aluminum metal in golden color. This gives an enticing outlook to the boxes and makes them perfect for luxury products. They can be the best packaging for jewelry items, apparel, makeup, and other products.

3- Copper Foiling

Metalized boxes may also come with the coating of a thin layer of copper metal. Their color is like the color of copper metal, and they look amazing when present in the stores. There are different kinds of shapes for these boxes. There is no limit to shape because you can choose any shape for adding copper foiling. They are also the best option for luxury products.

By Box Shape

Following are different types of these boxes by considering their shape.

1- Slipcase Boxes

A slipcase box can be a five-sided casing that can protect books, binders, or book sets. This is made of cardboard or high-quality materials. These slipcase boxes can be the best option for books because they can be slipped into them. Many brands enhance the visual appeal of these boxes by using silver, gold, or copper foiling. They look elegant when present in the retail outlets.

2- Briefcase Boxes

Metalized packaging boxes may also come in briefcase boxes. They have a shape that is similar to a briefcase. They also possess a carrying handle. These boxes are the perfect packaging solution for delicate items. They can also be used for packaging documents, office files, or other fragile products. They look very glamorous due to their silver or gold foiling.

3- Gable Boxes

Gable boxes that come with a carrying handle are known as gable boxes. They are very famous among the audience because of their unique visual appearance. They can come with the best kind of additional features. Custom metalized boxes in this shape can win people's attention and help boost sales. They can increase the value of your products among the audience. They may have windowpanes or airtight lids. They can convey the brand message to the audience.

4- Boxes with Windows

Windowpanes can effectively increase the catchiness of the metalized packaging wholesale. You can see that different brands add specialized shapes of windows to their boxes to attract customers and increase their sales. There are various shapes of windows such as heart-shaped, round, square, or other creative shapes of windows that can grab people's attention. They can enhance the visual appeal of the products.

5- Boxes with Sleeves

Sleeves and inserts inside the boxes can also help in mesmerizing the audience. There are various types of products, and for them, you need sleeves or inserts of a different type. Many brands manufacture metalized packaging wholesale with additional sleeves to allure their customers and make more money by selling more. These boxes can also contain elegant visual appeal due to silver or gold foiling.

Final Words

You can find numerous types of custom packaging boxes in the market. They can have variable shapes and sizes. Their visual appeal helps in increasing their value. We have described different types of these boxes here. You should see how they can be beneficial for businesses. They can increase the sales and customer base because they look eye-catching.

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