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Sourdough Toast Starter For Your Healthy Breakfast

Sourdough Toast Starter For Your Healthy Breakfast

You’ve been baking sourdough bread then we’re here to show you how to make sourdough toast for your breakfast using sourdough Bread

So the sourdough toast recipe is very simple.  Sourdough toast are classics and we're going to show you how to make them from scratch.


Sourdough Bread

Three cups of frozen strawberries

A third cup of sugar

Two teaspoons of cornstarch

Two teaspoons juice of one lemon

Sourdough Toast Recipe

You need to start with  prep for the Sourdough toast. For the jam you're going to need 300 grams or three cups of frozen strawberries, 400 grams or a third cup of sugar, two teaspoons of cornstarch or six grams and the juice of one lemon or medium high heat we're going to cook the fruit and sugar until the various released their liquid and start to break down.

This takes about five to six minutes of frequently still right before its finished you are gonna add cornstarch. The cornstarch allows  to use less sugar in the gym sets right away as opposed to pectin which could take a few hours. To bust out the ricotta part of our ricotta toast. A half gallon of nice home milk for 2000 grams 100 grams of white silver vinegar or half cup plus 20 grams or three teaspoons of salt. Ricotta is basically the easiest fresh cheese you can make at home. All you have to do is more milk 290 degrees and added your salt and vinegar gently stir and let this acid break the curse.

Once it's been sitting for a few minutes, we gently strain this curd through cheese cloth. You can use a tea towel here and they don't have any cheese cloth under quarantine. But you will love this stuff. It's sweet, rich milky and the texture is like Gucci you can use it.

so that's how you have to prep stuffing for a ricotta sourdough toast. Okay, so let's talk to the toast part of this real quick. Now take the sourdough  bread piece and  cut in half and put into a toaster if it's good bread it'll be most of the work for you. But if all you have access to something from the grocery store, we recommend  to buy from the bakers dozen. You want something party rustic it's gonna be a good vehicle for the sake of putting on this build this for kind of . Now  put the jam stuffing on our toast, If you want to make this more Sweden dessert like you can add up to four ounces. . Then you need  to follow that with some nice syrupy aged balsamic

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