Our favorite statement earrings to spice up an ensemble, from pearls to color.

Earrings that make a statement will likely never go out of style, as shown by the Duchess of Cambridge, who has been making recent public appearances on her royal Caribbean trip and has been wearing a variety of statement drop earrings jewelry items.

Whether you need a daring accessory to complement a daring outfit or you just want to add a bit of glitz to your regular wardrobe, these magnificent selections are guaranteed to grab people's attention.

Pearls are the go-to jewelry choice when subtle elegance is desired

Pearls are the only other kind of jewelry that can really compete with their timelessness. However, rather than being plain studs, these contemporary pearl earrings provide eye-catching variations on the classic design. Both the Juliet Hoop Earrings by Meadowlark and the Mini Mermaid Earrings by Jasmin Sparrow include stunning clusters of sea pearls, but the Juliet Hoop Earrings by Meadowlark have a more whimsical take on the traditional hoop. Reach for the Screw Statement Earrings designed by F + H Studios to add a touch of golden shine to your look.

Astonish them with hues of precious stones

Fabulous stones and tones of jewels may be worn to accessorize your ears. The Zahar Winnie Earrings are lovely drop earrings, while the Pink Reef Flower Earrings and the Bianc Xena Earrings provide a floral beauty that is sure to lift one's emotions.

Classic pieces of silver and gold that have been curated

If you want to look stylish without any effort, try for metallic tones like gold and silver. The gorgeous Pomellato Brera Drop Earrings are outstanding pieces of statement jewelry. These earrings are made of 18K rose gold. The Gili Earrings by Zoe & Morgan are incredibly sophisticated silver earrings that take their design cues from the exotic corals found in Indonesia. We recommend the Irregular Raised Earrings from Zara if you're searching for something that's a bit more affordable but just as eye-catching as other options.

Joy is enhanced by splashes of color here and there

Adding a splash of color to your outfit is a breeze when you do it with the help of a pair of statement earrings. These Resin Rock Chain Earrings from Dinosaur Designs give a fresh taste of vintage fun, while the Bead Circle Earrings from Seed Heritage in 'Chilli Red' bring a dose of spicy flavor. Both pairs of earrings are handcrafted in Australia. The couture-inspired Mignonne Gavigan Lucia Earrings are a favorite of ours when we want something with a little extra opulence.

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