Stop Blaming Mental Illness

"It's been years I have been feeling extremely low and dented. The world seems dark to me and I can't get over negative thoughts. I scurried away one day and my brother had to drive around the city to get hold of me", expressed Steven sitting on the sofa till he could let out a few teardrops to calm down.

“I feel I am going to fail in any endeavor in life and am always seeing negativity in the most positive things. My friends have started drifting away from me and my parents are extremely concerned and worried about my state. I usually shut myself inside the room for hours, cry, and can't get over grief", Daisy muttered in a low voice nervously fidgeting with her phone on the couch and sweating.

Both Daisy and Steven are enduring depression, a kind of mental illness. While they came to the mental health services to seek much-needed help, millions like Daisy and Steven are helpless with their unaddressed mental ailments.

As is rightly said, it is way easier to heal physical illness than mental ailment. According to WHO, 25% of people are victims of mental sickness and approximately 264 million people across the globe are depression patients.

Do they cause violence?

Owing to the social stigma attached to the term "mental" in mental health, the majority of victims are reluctant to even report the issue or discuss it with their close ones. What if their mental issues become a mockery? Consequently, their issues remain untreated for years till they reach an alarming state as we saw in the mass shootings in the US. Texas and Ohio witnessed bloody weekends in 2018 and 2019 where mass shooters killed 31 victims with high-capacity rifles. The US President voiced over this criminal offense convicting mental illness to be the driver of such violence. Is it even true? The National Association of Mental Illness and American Psychological Association have negated this belief since people with mental illness are more prone to victims than being perpetrators.

The terror acts of Dayton and El Paso in the first week of August are horrifying and are driven by mental illness to some extent. Donal Trump has stigmatized his statement towards mentally ill ones. But emotional illness can't be fully accountable for such shocking acts. Thus, blaming psychological ailment will do no good. It is high time that we stop blaming mental sickness and address it rightfully. Scapegoating mentally unwell people will only make them turn hostile; instead, they need to be advocated to visit mental health services for support and care.

Stop blaming; start supporting

Emotional health issues have become quite widespread in the modern-day world where social, economic, cultural, political, environmental factors, working conditions do play a role in affecting the psychological fitness of a person along with his personality traits and genetic factors. The inability to find balance and control over one's thoughts, behaviors, emotions, actions and interactive disabilities have beckoned many mentally ill victims to take the help of mental health services. Nutrition, stress, genetic factors – all contribute to mental disorders.

Mental health has always been connoted in loose ways and has been a highly overlooked medical subject. The most physically fit person can be emotionally unwell and thus we need to create an encouraging environment where they find courage and confidence to come and report their issues. So, instead of blaming them for any violence inside a house or within the society, it is far more imperative to drill down to the root of the problem. Understanding their troubles with compassion and open communication is the need of the hour. Hence, instead of directing prejudice and fear towards them, let us eradicate the stigma that deters them from seeking help from mental health services.

Why Tava Mitram?

We, at TavaMitram an initiative of IIUEF Inner Universe Education Foundation (12 A 80 G registered and a section 8 company), understand the importance of having peaceful mental health and thus help you to understand ways through which you can raise your mental health awareness by joining our free certification program on 'My Mental Health, My Priority'. We also offer support through group coaching (free program) and Individual coaching (donation necessary) sessions will fit your needs well. Being a non-profit organisation, we enthusiastically promote the importance of mental health and spread awareness of it globally. We have supported people across the globe to become aware of mental health and how to voice oneself on such issues via anonymous  confession . Some of the individuals we have worked with have appeared to be the most empathetic, and sensitive ones. So, we ardently aim to create mental health awareness worldwide at just no cost so that you can reap the most of it to address and be emotionally fit and sound!

Come and join our free program of mental health and make your  mental health your priority

Join us!

Turn around and spot people who stay low in their moods. Does the person sitting next to your desk need help? The one who washes your car is emotionally unwell? The person who serves lunch; does he seem psychologically fit? It is time that we keep our senses open to find those who need help. If you want to help them and stand beside them in the wake of this hour, do join us as a global digital volunteer. If you are from India, you may also avail the benefits of donating with us as a tax rebate as we are a 12A 80G company. To know more about Tava-Mitram, do email at [email protected]

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