Streamline your Recurring Payments with Cardconnect

To run business processes efficiently, every business must have smooth payment processing plans. As payments have moved to online systems -leaving behind traditional and manual systems- the need for agile software has become a necessity.

The growth of any business is directly proportional to the streamlined payment processes that they provide to customers. Also, businesses working on recurring or subscription payment plans must have an efficient system that is robust for their customers.

To improve customer service, businesses or enterprises tend to manage their recurring billings through a subscription platform with integrated payment gateways such as Cardconnect.

What is Cardconnect?

Cardconnect is a payment platform that provides a secure platform to businesses for seamless payment transactions. Based in Pennsylvania, it offers merchant accounts, payment gateways, and other tech-focused business products.

It focuses on all ranges of businesses and enterprises to manage their billing plans while providing them with a secure platform. Cardconnect provides with best resources and support to its customers with their seamless system that is entirely customer central.

Leading across all verticals, this payment integration is considered a top-tier payment gateway for customers and merchants as well.

Features of Cardconnect

Let’s look into what Cardconnect offers to manage recurring billing payments and methods.

Merchants Accounts

As Cardconncect provides a platform to merchants, businesses, enterprises, and so on, it offers merchants account that are tailored to the needs of merchants across all industries.

In merchant accounts, there are a number of options that merchants can avail for easy payment processing and recurring billing management.

A merchant account might be a bit more expensive than other ordinary accounts but it provides an array of services such as electronic payment methods, and the list goes on.

There is no hard and fast rule for logging into a merchant account as you will only need to have a merchant account, username, and password. Moreover, merchant accounts are highly secured to keep all the security breaches at bay and provide merchants with a seamless payment platform.

Customizable Billing Plans

Prioritizing the preferences of customers and their ease, Cardconnect provides customers with customizable billing plans. Merchants and businesses owners have different needs depending upon the variables of the recurring customers such as budget, number of users, and much more.

Customization to the billing plans streamlines most of the payment processes as they are specifically made to target the needs of customers. From flat-free, usage-based billing models, to hybrid billing models, merchants get a wide array of options that they can choose as per their needs.

PCI Compliance

Security is the topmost priority not only for merchants but also for enterprises, and companies. Not complying with security can result in unprecedented mishaps that could lead to huge losses.

In order to keep payments and businesses secure from any pertaining vulnerabilities, it is important to have PCI compliance. Payment Card Investments (PCI) Compliance is a set of technical operations that provide security to customers and their payment methods.

To stick to strong security, each payment is processed from the highest level of data breach protection so customers can stay tension-free.

Moreover, data is processed through layer II and layer III along with tokenization to keep the security at the highest level. The layers of security are done with point-to-point encryption i.e., P2PE.

With a systemized security system, it is ensured that payments are in safe hands. Hence, tension-free!

Transactional Reporting and Analysis

For every business, analysis and reports play a huge role as they need to get insights.

A business needs to have a track of churn rate, card decline rate, chargebacks, payment refunds, dunning management, and much more which is possible when payments are handled through a cloud-based system.

With data-driven recurring and subscription insights, merchants are provided with dashboards with which all stakeholders are better informed.

Through data-driven insights, analysis, and reports, it becomes easy to make future strategies and plans. Future strategies and plans are required for making investments and payment plans for the inventory of businesses.

Automated Custom Reports

Automation has made a lot of work easier as it reduces manual labor. Automate custom reports are generated to keep customers and merchants informed about the analytics, churn rate, and a few other processes.

Real-time customer analytics provide a platform to keep track of product usage, customer segmentation, payments and credits, invoicing, sales performance, taxes, and much more.

Achieve easy recurring payment processes for your business now by using Cardconnect as a payment gateway and let the flow of your business revenue run seamlessly.

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