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Beaches are usually made of sand, tiny grains of rocks and minerals that have been worn down by constant pounding by wind and waves. People usually go to the beach to swim, relax, or sunbathe, which, depending on the company you're with can get pretty boring, pretty quickly. But the beach doesn't only have to be about rest and relaxation. Make your day in the sun and surf an active one activities, ranging from shell-hunting to jogging along the sand. It's that hitting up the beaches on vacation.

Top Beaches In Goa – Anjuna Beach For Water Sports

Anjuna Beach Known for its chilled-out party vibe and charming beaches, Goa is a popular spot for holiday and Anjuna

Everything About Arossim Beach In Goa

Arossim Beach in Goa is a haven not only for party lovers and Alcohol Drinker but also for the more

Top 6 Places In North Goa To Add In North Goa Trip

North Goa isn't most effective approximately the golden seashores and turquoise water. It is dotted with notable forts, historic temples,

Top Beaches in Goa – Colva Beach for Water Sports

Colva Beach in Goa is the oldest and the largest beach in Goa for Scuba Diving. It is the most

Baga Beach In Goa | Best Goan Beach For Water Sports

Baga Beach In Goa Situated between India’s Baga River and Calangute Beach, Baga is clean and fairly quiet. Reserve

Everything About Sinquerim Beach | Top Things to Do In Sinquerim

Along with Bogmalo Beach in Goa, also in the Bardez district, Sinquerim Beach is one of the few beaches in

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