The State of New World

At this point, it can still go either way.

New World enjoyed a brief moment of popularity upon its release. Many praised it for its engaging combat and in-depth crafting system. However, between the grind for levels and the New World gold farming, many aspects of the game rang hollow, and players started to quit the game.

Some game-breaking bugs that required the use of drastic measures further exacerbated the problem. These pushed a lot of players to quit even more, as these bugs ruined the gameplay and experience of the game. With New World hemorrhaging players like it has a gaping wound, Amazon ought to patch it up quick or all these problems will bleed the game dry of players.

The Problems:

Ever since its launch, New World has been plagued with bugs that Amazon is scrambling to fix. From gold duplication bugs (which those who sell and buy New World gold gleefully exploited) to time-traveling servers, there’s always something wrong going on. Amazon has been trying to reassure players that they’re working on it, but with no solutions for some of these bugs, players are getting tired of the empty platitudes.

The latest in this long line of bugs is another gold duplication exploit, one that necessitated another closure of the wealth trading feature. The bug has been fixed and trading is available again, but other problems are still in the game.

Aside from a train of truly unfortunate bugs, the game itself has some glaring problems. There’s a lack of PvE endgame content, and the PvP can be a little repetitive. Also, there have been complaints about laggy movements and action keys not registering, which can be fatal to PvPers. For a game that touts its PvP feature loud and proud, this kind of delayed action is unacceptable, especially for combat-oriented players.

As for the PvE content, there’s little to no variety to the enemies. One player has said that they’re just all the same, reskinned and made stronger -- there’s almost no difference in how you fight them at any level. Most of the content is also time-gated, and either reset weekly or daily. For those who’d like to focus on one activity (that’s not crafting or gathering), that’s a dealbreaker since they wouldn’t be able to focus on that activity as they want.

Besides that, there’s little or nothing to do but try to get higher and higher gear scores for New World items.

Is There Hope?

There’s no sugarcoating the fact that the game is in a precarious situation right now. Players are willing to keep playing because they enjoy the game as it is now. However, they’re in the minority and most would just move on to another game.

Currently, these small chunks of players are keeping things afloat. They’ve found enough reason to enjoy the game despite being laggy and a bit of a slog. That can’t cover up the fact that there are players who quit playing every day, though.

As many reasons players have found to keep playing, they’ve also found the same if not more number of reasons to quit. New World account numbers fluctuate and have a general downward trend. It's stabilized a bit right now, but any small push can cause a sharp drop again.

So, the question remains, is there hope for the game to be better than it is right now? There’s always a chance, but everything relies on how Amazon responds to these problems. From the current pattern though it seems on the lower end of the spectrum, where it’s still possible but highly unlikely.

There are notices and a bit of communication with the player base, but what's really needed is observable action. The players don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s really happening in the company, and what’s being done to patch up these holes in the game.


The likeliest thing that frustrates players the most would be the game’s squandered potential. The devs had genuinely good ideas and systems but aren’t executed too well. Players can see that, and get annoyed at the devs because they’re not making use of these ideas to their fullest.

As mentioned above, a small group of players keep the hope that it will get better, while others have moved on and left it behind. It’s still possible for the latter to return once everything gets better, though they’re not holding out hope that it will.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether the game can still pick itself up or it’s doomed to a slow, gasping death. Whatever your decision, have a happy time while gaming!

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