The ultimate guide to fancy blue diamonds - Kundan lal & Son

Kundan Lal & Sons are very well known for manufacturing both coloured as well as colourless diamond jewellery. They have been in the market for many decades now and are known to manufacture polki and diamond jewellery of unique designs. Ranging from simple to designer, Kundan Lal & Sons manufactures all kinds of diamond and polki jewellery.  In this article, we will be discussing one of the most popular, yet rare coloured diamonds which is the blue diamond. Blue is the colour that is known to be connected with royalty, wisdom and prestige. These fancy blue diamonds are extremely valuable and are one of the rarest varieties of coloured diamonds. The blue diamonds are usually present in the collection of extremely powerful and well off personalities.  Blue in general also is a wonderful colour choice for gemstones. Whether you are a fan of fancy blue round diamonds or greyish-blue round diamonds, you will find everything in the collection of blue diamonds.

About the Origin:-

If we talk about the origin of these blue coloured stones, then like most other fancy diamonds they were also found in India. However, for the past few years, South Africa has been the most dominating producer of these blue diamonds. These blue diamonds are also found in some of the mines in Australia.

Shapes and Shades:-

As mentioned above, blue diamonds are one of the rarest forms of diamonds. With coloured diamonds, they acquire their colour in the earth crust, due to the presence of certain elements. For example, in the case of blue diamonds, they get the blue colour from boron. The shape of the blue diamond, like every feature of it, is significantly determined by how the colour affects the stone. Similar to other colour diamonds, the most recommended shades of blue diamonds are the radiant and cushion types. The other shapes that the customer frequently ask for are round, pear, emerald. Some of the less common shapes for blue diamonds are oval and Marquise.

The intensity of the colour:-

The intensity of a blue diamond varies between faint blue, very light blue, light blue, fancy light blue, fancy blue, fancy deep blue and fancy vivid blue. As a result of so many variations, the blue diamond ranges in different shades such as dull blue to a dazzling and intense shade of blue. There is one very special feature about blue diamonds, you will hardly ever find them with a pure, straight blue colour. Most of the time, they are present in overtone shades, which occur due to the presence of Boron. Some of the most common secondary hues found in this shade are Grey-blue or Green-blue.

Due to the presence of the Boron element in the structure of the diamond, the blue diamond contains five different shades namely:- Grey-blue, Grayish blue and Violetish Blue coloured diamonds. One of the rarest blue diamonds are Type 2b and represent only a very thin proportion of fancy coloured diamonds. These are in very high demand from both collectors and investors. Here, green blue and teal coloured diamonds usually contain a very small group of Nitrogen as well as Boron elements, and they are present within the structure of the atom.

Color Combination for Blue Diamonds:-

Each diamond colour has its secondary colour possibilities. This further creates a mosaic kind of thing. In the case of blue diamonds, some kg the secondary colour options are:-

●    Gray

●    Greyish

●    Green

●    Greenish

●    Violetish

●    Gray Greenish

●    Greyish Greenish


Blue diamonds are one of the rarest forms of diamonds on earth. And, jewellery from these kinds of rare and unique diamonds are very well manufactured by Kundan Lal & Sons.

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