Tips and Tricks to Decorate Your Flower Vases at Home!

The colourful flowers refreshes your environment with a nice fragrance. People usually keep them in an old bottle or glass, instead place them in a big flower vase, which enhances its beauty. It increases the aesthetic value of your office, while refreshing the surrounding with the calm fragrance it provides. You can follow some tips to decorate your room or office with different vases.

Look For Brighter Colors

flower vase

A Flower vase in decent colors, enhances the beauty of flowers. Because bright and illuminating colors increase the focus of a flower vase. Therefore, choosing a vase with light color complements your flowers. WoodenStreet has an immense collection that serves this purpose at very reasonable prices.

Set Of Two

flower vase online

A set of two antique flower vases can be placed in an alignment at different heights. The near passers will get attracted with the unique placement. And at a far distance, it creates an illusion of vases placed at decreasing heights, which is eye-catchy due to the symmetry it follows.

Either you will have two different sizes of vases to place in a given alignment. Or you can use a set of books, on which you can place a vase to make it look taller than the other one. The second flower vase should be on the floor.

Over A Set Of Books

big flower vase

A set of 2 or 3 books can be used to place a small flower vase to place it uniquely on your table. Such placement can be followed for your end tables and console table to make your vase visible from far. If you have old books at home that are not been used so far, they can be used as a base for different vases at home.

Double-decker Vases

big flower vase for living room online

A double-decker vase consists of two deckers, the upper level can be used to place fresh flowers. And the lower level can be used to decorate artificial grass or any kind of stones and pebbles, which makes your surrounding feels close to nature.

A double-decker vase is placed beside your sofa, so whenever you sit on the sofa, it reaches your seating level. You will feel fresh while you sit there and read your newspaper.

Animal-shaped Vases

flower vase for living room

At WoodenStreet, you will find it in a set of 3. On which you can place three different flowers or plants that benefited you in general. You can look for a plant that provides you with better oxygen while seating inside. In pandemic times, while working from home one has neglected their health and avoided the natural air. For such situations, you can have small plants on your study table with beautiful vases that provide you natural air and looks amazing at the same time.

Customize Your Idea

corner big flower vase for living room

A glass flower vase can be used for customization. It can be filled with stones and pebbles, so that colored stones will be visible from a glass. A bunch of various species of flowers will be used as DIY. This will become a personalized flower vase for your office table. It can be applied to various rooms at home that refresh your surroundings.

Hanging Flowers

flower pot for living room

The vases can be hung on your roof too. So, if you live in a small house and don’t have much space to place your vase. Then, a hanging vase will work best to place and plant.

At WoodenStreet, an immense variety is available in flower vases. You can search online for an idea so that you can buy a perfect flower vase for your home. For an inspirational DIY, you can follow the above steps, so that your boring corner becomes an attractive one.

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