Tips to Prepare for the Current Affairs Section of CLAT 2022

Following a few techniques and a well-planned strategy can prove to be very beneficial for the students to prepare for the current affairs section of CLAT.  You can join CLAT online coaching for CLAT exam 2022. Here are some preparation tips that you can incorporate into your approach.

Focus on making a good plan first

Now, what's a great plan? One that is well thought out and based on what you need. For example, if you know that you are going to revise current affairs more than once, give more time for it. Pick the most important topics for CLAT 2022 Current Affairs section and focus more on them.

Don't leave it for last

Current Affairs is a daily work which cannot be left even for a day. For CLAT 2022, read the newspaper every day and make sure you are well aware of the current affairs from 2020 to July 2022. Focus more on issues rather than news, and focus on the most popular events of the past year or what's happening around. You. If you keep this section to the last, you are more likely to be confused rather than remember events or news.

Limit your sources

Do not burden yourself with multiple sources of current affairs. Candidates often make the mistake of wasting time on multiple newspapers. Commit to one and use the Internet judiciously. Check out one of the best books for CLAT 2022 current affairs section.

Emphasis on syllabus

While trying to cover this section comprehensively, do not forget to focus on the topics mentioned in CLAT UG 2022 Syllabus. After all, more fragments are to be expected from these subjects.

Create your own notes

Current Affairs is all about one-liners or maximum 3-4 lines. Make your notes in such a way that it is easiest for you to understand and remember the facts. Highlight all the important notes with a different colored ink. The reason why making notes itself plays an important role is that writing has proven to be one of the best ways to remember anything. Also, remember that it is not humanly possible to remember everything.

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Take Mock Tests or Online Quizzes

Solving current affairs and GK mock questions is the best way to improve this section. This will not only help you get an idea of ​​the type of questions that will be asked but will also help you test your preparation level or evaluate your progress. However, this effort should be made only after being prepared to a certain extent.

Make good use of the internet

The Internet will provide a chunk of data for everything but how do you decide which link to click? The most relevant thing that you will find will be the many General Knowledge PDFs which will definitely help you in the preparation of this section. Always check the credibility of any article before studying it.

Read and Modify

Current affairs keep accumulating day by day, making it mandatory to revise and study everyday. Notes will not only help in revision but also help in keeping up with current events or previous year news.

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