Top 10 Anti Pollution Face Mask Available Online

We are now living in the Age of the Mask. Seven states—Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island—are requiring residents to wear masks out in public and while patronizing essential businesses, and even in the other 43, the mask is becoming as common as, say, a baseball cap. And we're no longer in the portion of the pandemic where unable to find something sufficient, your only option is to tie on a bandana. That is to say: there are now enough companies making face masks that you'll almost certainly be able to grab one that is designed for that purpose—and that you might not even mind wearing. (That, of course, is a secondary concern. If a bandana's what you've got, a bandana's what you've got.)

We'll remind you that N95 respirators and surgical face masks, both of which are in critically short supply, should be reserved for health-care workers. So if you’re going to wear a mask—and you should; just listen to these experts—what are your options? Here is a running list of designers and manufacturers who are creating non-medical-grade masks—we'll update as more information becomes available.

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