Top 5 Copywriting Strategies That Let Your Content Rank Better

The main goal behind content is to convey the message to your audience and give them awareness about the specific product.

There are numerous factors that a writer has to consider in copywriting. Just looking for the features and writing long paragraphs on them is not enough.

There will be very low chances of ranking better on the search engine if you start uploading the content without looking for the proper technique.

And let’s say your position gets better on the SERP, still, people will not like to read your content if it is not managed properly.

It is necessary to remember the strategies while writing the content of a product as it will help you bring awareness among people.

Here are some of the best tactics that a writer can apply in copywriting and up rank on the search engine quite easily.

  1. Focus the Three C’s

The first thing that you have to be aware of is that you must have an idea about your 3 C’s. It is the content type, content format, and content angle.

Google always ranks the product that people are mostly using and looking for. So, you have to be aware of this strategy and make the content accordingly.

Let’s say you look for the “headphones “and Google is showing you all the brands that are providing the best services. But, did you notice a thing? Google is showing you the brands and not the blog posts against that keyword.

So, it is necessary to know the search intent of users and then convert your content accordingly. Focus on the product and its demand in the market. After that, decide what type of content you have to write on it.

Similarly, look for the formats of the content like what people are looking for about that specific product. Content formats are like how-to, listicles articles, opinions, and reviews. So, you must make research on it and look at what people are mostly searching for so the content could be generated accordingly.

The last thing is the content angle that is actually the selling point of your product. So, you have to provide the best features about the product in this section and convince your audience.

  1. Apply PAS Formula in the Content

Many of the writers don’t know this tactic but it is the best way to grab the attention of the reader. The term PAS stands for problem, agitate, and solution.

When a reader visits your page, he can get an idea from the first 2 to 3 lines that either the content will help him or he should move to any other page.

So, this is essential to make the introduction stronger and more authentic with the information. Tell the people about the problem and its solution.

PAS strategy can be quite handy in this term as you will tell the main reason for the problem and give a solution for it to the users. It will also help engage more audiences.

  1. Never increase the Length Without Reason

Some people think that by increasing the length of the article they can get a better position on the search engine but it is a wrong perception.

Google doesn’t rank the content based on word count. It’s the quality that matters a lot for getting the top position on the SERP.

And if we talk about the quality, it can be increased easily by making the content precise and to the point. When you have to cover the content in limited words, you will try to give your best in the lines.

For it, you can get help from an online word counter and upload the content in this tool. It tells the total word and characters along with keywords density in the content.

Word Couonter.PNG

By it, writers can control the word count and add the text that is most relevant to the topic.  It will also keep the lines away from distracting words.

  1. Use the Keywords Naturally

The keyword is the main factor that can help you boost the position on the search engine and get more traffic on the page.

In business strategies, you have to focus on the right keyword. But some people misuse this tactic and get opposite results.

They use the keywords too many times that the content looks promotional. Google never lets you rank on such articles.

So, you must use the keywords naturally and in a flow. Don’t adjust it in the lines where they are not even supposed to be.

  1. Use headings and subheadings

Writing long paragraphs without breaking the lines is a wrong strategy. A reader will never love to read the content if you are providing it in lengthy paragraphs.

The best copywriting strategy that you can apply to make the campaign better is by using headings and subheadings in the content.

It makes it easy for the reader to understand the content. The content with headings is also easy to read as the human eye can easily detect the required lines.

Suppose you are looking for the best hospitals in the town. If a writer explains all the details in a single section, the reader will find it hard to go to the central point.

But if you are making the headings and subheadings, and providing every detail in a separate section, then it will be easy for the reader to understand the content.

Final lines

To make the business plans successful, it is necessary to make people aware of your product through content marketing.

There are several techniques that one must remember in copywriting. These tactics can help get a better position on the search engine.

You must focus on the target audience and write for them that they can easily read and understand. You have to convey the message shortly and descriptively.

Don’t add irrelevant lines in the content that are not linked with the product. This is the best way to keep the readers engaged.


Title: Top 5 Copywriting Strategies That Let’s Your Content Rank Better

Description: Looking for advanced copywriting strategies to write content like a Pro? These 5 points will help you write content that will go viral! Take it.

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