Top 5 Indian Traditional Wear For Men ( Updated 2021 )

Traditional wear in India varies from religion, region, and geography. The common form of traditional wear in India is Kurta Pajama, Sherwani, etc. As we all know India is a country of festivals. The various festivals showcase various kinds of traditional wear. And the Benzer world brings you a varied range of Indian traditional wear for men. Again there are variations in this traditional wear depending on region and religion. Kurta-Pijama, Lungi-shirt which is popular in South India especially Tamil Nadu and Gujarati dress which has a typical style of pants and a frock style Kurta.

1) Kurta Pajama

The Kurta Pajama has an essence of Indian traditional men's wear. This traditional wear can be wear on any occasion like Weddings, Festivals, family gatherings, etc. People in India wear Kurta as casual wear also.

2)  Sherwani

In Indian traditional wear, sherwani mostly used as wedding attire. Sherwani is usually worn by the groom at a wedding. There are different varieties of Sherwani is available on Benzer World.

3) Pathani Suits

Pathani suits for men are available in various colors and shapes. This traditional Indian clothing for men comes from the afghan region. This traditional wear for men usually worn at a festival or can wear casually.

4) Jodhpuri Suits

Jodhpuri suits consider as a royal formal outfit that can be worn at casual parties or on formal parties. Jodhpuri suits make men look more elegant and ethnic. There is a variety of ranges available on Benzer World.

5) Indo Western

Benzer World brings you the various range of Indo western dresses for the groom. This wear is a combination of Indian and western culture traditional wear. It can be worn either with trousers or kurta pajama.

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