Interior Design Trends and ideas are recycled every few years, the new become passe and the passe come back in trend after some year with a more stylish twist. This year's trends are expected to be all about celebrating individual style and a sense of laid back elevation by Best Interior Designers in Mumbai.

Let us arm you with some of the top trends of the year that'll allow you to revamp your space and be in vogue.

1. Blue is the New Back

The Pantone Colour of the year is Classic Blue, a shade from the navy-blue family, and we are not complaining. While some people might find the shade a little dark, in reality, it is actually a very soothing, elegant, and sophisticated color. Give your home a dramatic makeover by using blue with white shades on the wall and pair it with wooden Furniture and Crystal decor pieces.

It will provide the perfect contrast when used in modern as well as traditional home style.

2. Create your own cozy space

Blame it on the change in lifestyle or proprieties, more and more people are opting to stay in on weekends rather than go out. A Surge in a number of indoor bars and carts, with elements like relaxing cocktails chairs, lounging sofas, and portable disco lights, has been seen over the past few years and is here to stay.

3. Live the canopy life

You are probably lying if you have never dreamed about the royalty of sleeping in a canopy bed. With the canopy beds making a staggering comeback, now is the perfect time to dreams turns into reality! finding the best interior designers in Mumbai will not be hard jobs when you make your dreams true.

Unlike the old school canopies with heavy headboards and thick drapes, the modern ones are rather slick and use acrylic metal making it more stylish and rather easy to maintain.

4. Conceal them kitchens

With the house spaces getting smaller and the storage spaces getting smarter, concealed kitchens are getting more and more popular. Items that cluttered kitchen tops at some point, like sinks, plugs, kettles, and sinks or taps can now be concealed using modular cabinets. This gives you access to cleaner and decluttered spaces giving your home a slick look.

5. Modernize your home with patterns

Geometric figures and abstract patterns have taken over the world in more ways than one. From the fashion industry to branding and interior designing, it has carved its way through our lives in every way.

Use geometric designs on your walls to create soft ombre designs with pastel colours or go for bold colors and patterns, the world is your oyster!

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