Top 5 Most Underrated Movies in Bollywood

Movies In Bollywood most of the time some good movies don't get attention. The definition of underrating is something which does not get the value that they deserve. Example a movie which is really good but no one really appreciates that movie as much as expected. Movies are the best for entertainment. It can help to escape from real life for a few hours. We can also learn lots of things with a movie. How to walk, dress, how to love and care. It's a wonderful distraction also. So skipping a good movie is our loss. If you are a movie lover and want to watch the latest movies, here is the list.

Streaming platform is a very helpful platform, where we can watch the latest and high quality movies, series on our mobiles. Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+hotstar are the most popular streaming platforms.

Here are some underrated movie names you can watch on streaming platforms.

2) Masaan:

Masaan is a movie which has two different stories. It's a story of the town Varanasi. This movie shows a journey of two people. One is Devi who lost her boyfriend, and how she feels after his death. And another character is Deepak, who belongs to a very lower class family. His family burns funeral pyres at Varanasi gnat. He fell in love hopelessly with a girl with a different cast. The IMDb rating of this movie is 8.2 and 94 % google users liked this film. This movie is available on disney+hotstar. A beautiful platform of Disney www.disneyplus/begin.

3) Titli:

In this movie Titli is the main character.  She is the youngest member of the carjacking gang. The film opens with titli inspecting a parking lot and under construction mall in east delhi.titli plans to escape from his family and their work. She has a crush on a movie star and has a chance of blossoming into love when the pair meet. But a twist happened in the store. The IMDb rating of this movie is 7.6 and 76% google users liked this film. This movie you can watch at Disney +hotstar.

4) Raincoat:

Raincoat is a movie where we can see all about reality. On a rainy afternoon meets a man she once engaged with. Both suffer from different situations. Manu(His boyfriend) loses his job and meets his girlfriend who lives in Calcutta. This film by Rituparno Ghosh won the national film award. In the end Manu learns that his long lost love life is not perfect as it appears to be. Don’t miss this masterpiece. The IMDb rating of this movie is 7.7. And 95% of google users liked this film. You can watch this movie on Amazon prime.

2) Conclusion:

Movies give us relaxation and a sense of relief. Movies teach us lots of things. The key to making a good movie is acting, cinematography and story. We can get a break from real life for a few hours. Movies are connected with our emotions, that's why we are crying, laugh while watching movies.  Watch a good movie and relax a little more.

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