Top 8 Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

The world has been revolutionised with the invention of Artificial Intelligence. The concept of AI was first discovered in the 1950s, and ever since then, it has evolved drastically. AI is made as a simulation of human intelligence in computer systems.  It is a branch of computer science that deals with the production of machines that are capable of performing human-like tasks.  

Today, AI has become a part of our day-to-day life, more deeply than we seem to realise. Turning on the lights with your voice assistant, finding your way with GPS, or playing a virtual breakout escape room in Bangalore, almost every aspect of your life today is directly or indirectly impacted by AI technology.

Just as it is with any revolutionary technology, AI too has become a topic of debate, experts trying to weigh their advantages against their disadvantages. Let's look at some of the best benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Error Reduction

These machines evolve so quickly that they don't literally make the same mistake twice. Their level of consistency and precision can't be matched by humans as they're too fast to learn and adapt. This allows them to keep errors to the minimum; hence it's a trusted choice for businesses that can't afford any mistakes. They're trusted so much to even reduce medical errors to ensure patients' safety and satisfaction.

2. Medical Assistance

The healthcare system utilises AI in multiple ways, such as image analysis, robotic surgery, and clinical decision support. They're also used by doctors and nurses to collect patients' data and monitor patients' conditions. AI helps medical professionals to offer more accurate diagnoses, and it acts as a form of digital care for patients. This saves time, and it helps to reduce risk or stress. It's also effective in saving resources in a hospital.

3. Repetitive Jobs

Tasks such as filling a bottle of juice are repetitive, and it could be a mundane job to do the same thing over and over again. They don't require any critical thinking, and only a set of actions need to be repeated to complete the action. We would grow frustrated with such a job over time. Hence, AI has taken over such tasks. These machines are widely used in factories to manufacture large quantities of products. It helps with reducing error and also increases productivity as it can be a lot faster and more precise than humans.

4. Round-the-clock Availability

Artificial Intelligence is always on duty. They don't require to take frequent breaks, and they also don't get tired. AI don't need vacations, nor do they get distracted. They're capable of working much more hours than we could and so they're used in facilities such as chat boxes. Their 24x7 availability provides constant support for the customers. This is especially used in the business sector to enhance their customer service experience. AI also helps brands to understand their customers by analysing their data.

5. Hazardous Work

Some jobs can be too dangerous and put us in harm's way. It could be a deep ocean or a dark cave; proceeding without knowing what's in there could put them in danger. But AI can assess the situation and the place to point out potential threats. They're used for firefighters, welding, disaster management, and AI robots are used to even clean nuclear sites. Artificial intelligence helps to reduce the level of risk on such jobs, and they can also overcome human limitations.

6. Security

AI is used to enforce technical and Cyber security. A simple example of that would be fingerprint recognition or face recognition which has become common in every household. Security threat is a common worry in the age of technology, but AI is constantly learning, and it helps to prevent such threats. It can assist with securing data as well as the network. AI can detect mistakes that can disrupt security and help to create a safe environment. They can identify bots and save our time.

7. Cost-Effective

AI can do multiple tasks at the same time and with less manpower. They can work for long hours, and their maintenance is less costly.  They don't have a risk factor, and they reduce operating costs. The initial costs of setting up an AI can be expensive, but in the long term, businesses can profit so much from it. It also increases business productivity. For example, the 24x7 customer service helps people anytime. Automation is a great benefit of AI, and it helps to increase production as well as quality.

8. Self-awareness

A self-aware AI can learn by itself from data. They become intelligent over time by understanding patterns. Once their initial programming is done, they don't have to be trained to develop their skills, and they don't need supervision. Once an AI learns a new skill, it can easily learn similar skills without any hassle. Self-learning can be done faster than supervised learning. They learn with experience, so they don't need to be updated manually. AI can solve complex problems by analysing previous issues. It can conclude the outcome of a present event by studying similar past actions.


This man-made intelligence is used to solve problems by the pre-programmed algorithm. AI doesn't replace jobs, but they are replacing tasks that are repetitive, dangerous, and unhygienic. Breaking the boundaries of the capability of manpower and ordinary machines, AI is surely ushering in new eras into every field under the sky.  

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