Top Bird Accessories & Supplies To Care For Your Beautiful Birdies

Finest Bird Supplies To Shower Your Love For Your Pet Birds

Having a pet bird is pure joy and shopping for bird accessories is fun! Especially when you have a great resource where you can shop for all you need for them. These lovely things will help you enhance your pet’s lifestyle and convenience. And some products may also add fun to their life. If you have a bird or planning to get one, consider buying these pet bird products.

Whether you have a large parrot, a parakeet, finch, hummingbird, or canary, these bird supplies will be very useful. It would also help you to minimize your hassles with bird care. You will find these products in any leading pet store. But if you are living quite away from any such store, consider shopping online. There are many great shops that deliver these products straight to our doors.

Most Useful Bird Accessories For Pet Birds

If you are looking for a quick bird supplies list, check these before you start shopping.

  1. Bird Feeders & Waterers

First and first, invest in buying good quality bird feeders and waterers. These accessories will let you feed your lovely birds adequately without any hindrance. The biggest challenge for the pet parent is to keep the feeder mess-free. The seeds always keep tossing out of the feeder. To tackle this, you may buy no-mess feeders. They greatly reduce the waste and mess of bird feed.

2. Bird Baths

Bathtubs for bird baths are important as birds love to keep themselves clean. But do not fill them to the brim to avoid overflow. Keep the tub according to the size of the birdie. It should not be so small that the bird cannot enjoy it fully. You can also consider enhancing the bird bath with fountains and decks for bath or waterfall rocks. Browse a good pet store and you will come across exciting bird bath accessories.

3. Bird Houses & Carriers

Carriers are quite convenient and safe when you take your birdie to the vet or groomers. Select durable and food-grade carriers that also offer a clear view of the pets. Choose the bird house and cages to suit the size and behavior of the birds. The bird should be able to flap its wings and hustle freely. For big birds, aviaries are more appropriate.

4. Perches

Even while you have aviaries and large cages, perches are one of the most useful bird accessories. They replicate the natural surface for the birdies to climb, stand, and perch. You will find many perches imitating branches of trees. The perches are also used by the pet parents to hang the toys and food. If you have ample space, why not provide a separate perch station or a perching area with multiple perch stations.

5. Bird Feeder Accessories

These accessories can simplify and elevate bird feeding in many ways. Bird parents can make life easier with these simple yet useful accessories.

  • Specialized brushes for cleaning bird feeders
  • Bird feeder poles and extenders
  • Seed Trays
  • Hooks for hanging feeders
  • Squirrel-Proofing Products
  • Hangers for bird feeders

If you are having many pet birds in aviaries, you can look for the yard system. It will hold 3 or 4 bird feeders.

How To Buy Cages and Bird Cage Accessories

Are you feeling clueless about what kind of cage accessories you may need for your birds? Here is a quick list for all parents of the pet birds.

  • Birdcage liners
  • Birdcage covers
  • Seed catchers
  • Bird cups

Apart from these useful bird accessories, you can also consider small ladders, swings, and nesting material for your feathery friend.

Choosing A Right Cage For Your Birds

While you buy a cage, make sure you choose a perfect adobe for your dear friend. Here are the factors to consider while buying a cage.


Small parakeets and canaries live in small cages and close spaces. But large parrots and cockatoos need roomy cages. For large birds, use large cages where they have enough place to climb and play.

Safety Cages

Also, get a bird cage with latches for better security. Browse the online pet supply stores and you may find many cages with swings, stands, seed trays, play tops, and perches.

Bar Spacing

Small birds like lovebirds need cages with only half an inch bar spacing. Or they may squeeze through it. For larger birds, cages with horizontal bars are great. They may use the bars for climbing and fun.

If there are no accessories included in the bird cage, you can always find them separately. Spacious cages will keep them safe and also provide adequate room to fly, perch, and play.

Why You Should Consider Buying Toys & Swings For Pet Birds

Pet parents mostly keep their pet birds in cages, bird houses, or aviaries. Apart from being a shelter with food and water, a perfect home should also be a fun place! Add some cute furnishing to your bird’s life for complete bird care. That is why perches, bells, swings, and bird toys are important.

While you provide your birdies with adequate seeds and water, they also need to play and swing. Especially birds like cockatiels love to swing. Swings and other toys are essential for their entertainment and exercise. Among other toys, you can look for bells, chimes, mirrors, nuts, beads, and wood pieces to chew.

Dazzling vibrant colors of bird toys attract the birdies a lot. Also, perches and ladders help them to satiate their natural instincts to climb and sit on the branches of the trees. So if you are ignoring bird toys, it’s time to think.

Bird toys are also mental stimulants for pets. They keep them engaged and entertained and hence they stay away from destructive behavior. If your  birdie is a feather plucker, get preening toys.

However, when you are adding a new toy or swing, learn how your bird reacts to it. Give them time to get adjusted to the toy. Once your bird learns that the new item is not a threat, they would start playing. If the bird is not very comfortable with it, hang it outside the cage. Gradually, you can shift it inside the cage.


Looking after birds is easier than other pet animals. But you need to understand their needs. All small and large pet birds like parrots, lovebirds, cockatiels, and others require fun toys to play with. If you do not have pet birds but have backyard visitors, there are many outdoor bird supplies. These products are designed with different sizes of pet birds in mind. You can also shop for excellent feeders, and waterers for woodpeckers, and other wild birds.

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