Top SEO & Content Trends Every SEO Consultancy Should Know

Top SEO & Content Trends Every SEO Consultancy Should Know

As a SEO Consultancy in India, you should be in sync with the current trends for both SEO and content marketing. It is important that you invest time and effort into the right techniques and tactics.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the trends every agency should adopt and incorporate.

• It is time to go beyond regular and shallow content, as it does not approve of your authority in the domain. If you want to showcase your expertise, then you need to work on in-depth and insightful content solutions. When you work on well-researched blogs, you tend to improve your rankings and improve organic reach. You need to research, cite your work and compile every aspect in a fluid manner. These days a good 3k word article resonates well with the audience. If you don’t have planned content, and a insightful perspective, then you should avoid writing the blogs. Superficial content does not charge in to help you achieve your goals.

• You need to invest in a content creation process so that you can maximize the results of your content strategy. Instead of diving into writing the piece, you should begin by defining the content creation. For instance, what keywords you aim to target, the topics you plan to cover as well as the optimization and posting aspects. It is important to plan all the stages, starting with writing the content to distributing it, before you begin the actual work. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and ensure maximum leverage from your investments. Planning will also help you identify the resources required for the process, and how you will get them.

• Content personalization is a trend that you need to opt for both content marketing as well as optimization efforts. It is not possible to personalize your content efforts on all channels. You should choose the channel that works for you, and personalize all aspects for the consumer who uses this channel the most. It will enhance the user’s experience with this channel, and improve engagement. there is a good chance that a simple visit translates into a conversion. With tailored efforts, you can even maximize your ROI and improve the loyalty of your customers. You will need to personalize the content for the various buying stages as well as the different user needs. Need-based content marketing can improve your results

• Being authentic and transparent is important for better customer loyalty. Most customers prefer if their brands talk to them about things that they actually believe in. The content should be fresh, authentic and from the user’s perspective. They should be willing to spend time understanding the customer’s needs, and see how they can help resolve their problems. If such levels of authenticity is observed, then customers tend to recommend the brand, and even become loyal towards their products and services. An excellent example of such authenticity can be seen in Amazon products. Every piece of communication that is sent from this brand is transparent and oozes authenticity, thus driving more customers towards them.

The SEO Consultancy in India should implement content marketing strategies that go way beyond blogs and articles. They should look for opportunities in videos, infographics and podcasts to improve their visibility. A digital mix can maximize their engagement efforts and improve their conversions.

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