Top Things to Consider When Moving Your Business Location

We understand how stressful office removal is! No matter how large or small your business is, you have to go through some painful things to move your business location as the business owner. People tend to relocate their business for many reasons such as growing, downsizing, targeting a different market, or moving to a bigger or smaller space.

Business relocation is a crucial step in your business life and there are several things that you should look into before you go for office relocation. Some of the factors include cost efficiency, location, and growth potential. Sweating about your business relocation? Worry no more, we got you! We have come up with a list of top things to consider when moving your business location. Speaking of which, let's dig into the details!

  • Budget

Budget is one of the most crucial things you should consider when relocating your business. Believe it or not, moving a business comes with its own expenses. First of all, you should get a place that is affordable. Before you move, you should get a better understanding of the fees and taxes. There are overhead costs and hidden/secondary costs when you are planning to move your business. Overhead costs include mortgage payments, utility, shipping, and wages.

Considering hidden/ secondary costs is also important when you move the business to another place as they are always unexpected. Hidden costs include delays, damages, the cost of dilapidations, and reinstating. At the same time, you cannot hope that all your employees would move with you, so you would need to hire new employees. The new employees need time to adjust and that will cause your costs.

Hence, it is paramount that you do your research before you move into a specific place and have a bigger picture of the expenses. It is a must that you come up with an effective commercial real estate budget and make sure that the cost does not outweigh the benefits.

  • Communication

Communication plays an important role when it comes to relocating your business. Communication in this scenario means exchanging your ideas about moving business with your employees, partners, and suppliers. It is important that you share your ideas and give them a heads-up to get used to the idea of moving to a new workspace. Give them an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

Moreover, you should talk with external services, partners, affiliates, vendors, and companies that you are going to remove your business from. At the same time, remind yourself to fill out the change of address forms.

  • Hire a Moving Company

No matter how well you plan to move your business, you and your employees cannot do it alone. The best solution is to hire a moving company. This is perfect for those businesses that have fixtures, heavy furniture, and expensive appliances. Most of the hiring companies have the necessary equipment to move your items safely. Make sure that you go for a  moving company that has licenses and insurance. For instance, if your office is in Perth, you can search for office removalists in Perth and hire the top-rated ones.

  • Hire or buy moving boxes

A moving company only takes care of moving your stuff from your old place to the new one. They do not do packing, so that task is left to you. It is better if you buy or hire moving boxes. In this way, you can save a lot of money. Start packing at least two weeks before you plan to move. Make sure that you go for sturdy boxes in order to preserve the safety of your stuff.

  • Get a plan to move your IT systems

Files, stationery, and other documents can be easily moved using moving boxes. But how can you plan to move IT equipment, servers, security systems, desktop PCs, telephone & internet systems, and other technical assets? These items should be transported carefully and safely. In this situation, you have two options. One is to invest in new IT equipment. The other option is to relocate what you already have.

If you have leased items, make sure that you get the approval of the owner. You should select a safer packaging method to move your IT equipment.

  • Go for new furniture and decor

Moving your business to a new place means that you are off to a new start. So why do you bother to keep the same old look of your old place? Purchasing new furniture and decor is not a must, it is merely a suggestion, you can always keep your old furniture.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to go for new ones, make sure that you order them in advance. Go for furniture that suits your place and that gives a different vibe to the place. If you have no idea about designing, hire an interior designer and get the work done.

  • Growth Possibility

Once you move your business to a new place, there is always a possibility of losing business. It happens because it takes time to adjust to the new environment with all the changes. Since you have this risk, you should plan to face this challenge. Set long-term goals and visions and make plans on how to sustain your growth in the new location. As long as you are concerned about your employees, you should consider your customers - how your relocation impacts them as well. You should consider the ease of reaching your place, and parking spaces before you move into a new place. For instance, if you have relocated to Perth, make sure your new place has parking space and is easy to reach.  

  • To-do list

Relocating your business requires a lot of tasks. Hence, there is a high chance to miss out on some simple tasks. Having a to-do list would ease up the workload for you and most importantly, it reduces your stress. You can do one task at a time and simply tick off your to-do list one by one.

Final Thoughts

Nonetheless, it is quite apparent that you should consider relocating your business seriously. Obviously, it stresses you out, yet make sure you do it step by step.  We hope that this article gives you an ultimate guide to the top things to consider when moving your business location. When you are ready to move, check out this list to double-check whether you are all okay. All done? Congrats! You are now ready to relocate your business!

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