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Top Things To Know While Purchasing A Valve

Top Things To Know While Purchasing A Valve

Valves are used to control, regulate or direct the flow of liquids in a system. However, the commonality between various types of valves ends here. Indeed, there is a vast range of valves working in different industries and factories. To be precise, the use of valves is not limited to industry; it is also used extensively in households, although the complexity, utility, and strength of these valves are not at par with those used in the industry.

Category of Valves By Function

Several features define valves depending on whether you need to control flow or make a safety system in piping liquids, solids, gasses, or anything else. You can get stainless steel valves, cast iron valves, and PVC valves. However, this does not signify the variety of valves. The real categorization of valves depends on their function. So, you can get gate valves, swing check valves, globe valves, stop check valves, lift check valves, tilting disc check valves, etc.

Types of Valve

The make and design of a valve depend a lot on its function. Valves may need to be designed to control the flow of liquids while withstanding high pressure. Such a valve may need to have a pressure seal bonnet to counter the pressure. It may be designed to start or stop the flow of liquid, regulate flow and pressure, control the direction of flow, and throttle flow rate, or improve safety by relieving pressure or vacuum in a piping system.

Design Features Of Pressure Seal Valves

The pressure seal valves are a different category altogether. You may need a pressure seal in all categories of valves installed in the high-pressure and high-temperature system. Such a system may be used for regulating steam, reheating, feeding water, etc., and in catalytic reforming, steam-assisted gravity drainage, petrochemicals, refining, and other process industries.

Design Features Of Pressure Seal Valves

These valves usually have a detachable yoke that does not affect the joint between the pressure seal bonnet and the body. An integral “T” head stem helps in packing and automatic alignment of the wedge. A self-aligning packing element is a desirable one. Make sure that it offers flexible packing such as graphite packing with anti-extrusion elements for optimum seal durability and function. The seal gasket ring must be made of heavy-duty material with low compression set so that it can withstand the upward thrust of the bonnet load. It may also have a backing ring to distribute the pressure on the load ring. A silver-plated seal gasket may be a good one for tight closure.


If you are looking for the right kind of valve for your application, make sure that you have the complete picture in minds such as the environment within the system, the pressure that the valve has to endure, and more. Getting the right valve with the right features may go a long distance in making the system work smoothly

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