University Bureau offers free study abroad counseling services to students.

Considering improving the future? Do it by going abroad to study with University Bureau.

University Bureau is a world leader in terms of international students' services. We assist students in pursuing their academic goals in nations including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the US. With offices in 30 countries, we've been in business for about ten years and have built up a sizable network of opportunities. You can find and secure the ideal institution with our sizable network of friendly professionals.

Counseling and advice are provided free of charge.

All our counseling sessions are free, and we work to make the application process as simple as possible. To assist you with choosing a university and a program, with the application process, offer letters, visa application process, and pre-departure briefings, we have a staff of over 700 expert study abroad counselors worldwide. Over 450,000 students have benefited from our assistance finding the best course to take in their desired locations.

Believe in the university bureau because we know what it takes to locate a solid match and set you up for success.

Here is how our counselors will assist you in studying abroad:

1.      Research well

Do your homework! Look at the programs, colleges, and locations of each. Before you make a final decision, examine the teaching methods, research opportunities, campus life, and employment prospects. For a broader viewpoint, speak with the alumni of the university/college you are interested in or ask your friends and family for recommendations. Use LinkedIn or Facebook to connect with them more successfully. Remember to include your budget and any scholarships you may be eligible for in your research.

Research can be demanding, but the University bureau study abroad counselor can assist. Come to your local University Bureau office for a free career counseling appointment, and we'll show you the way.

2.      Speak with one of our University Bureau Counselors

Make an appointment with a University Bureau counselor when you're prepared. Many counselors have experience working with international students and hold professional certifications. They have a welcoming demeanor and a wealth of first-hand professional and personal experience gained from various study locations around the globe.

Bring your wish list and course preferences to your session as a starting point. To ensure that your prospective university, and your field of study are the best possible fit for each other, your counselor will work through all the major and minor details.

3.      Make your application

It's time to apply once you've determined your course of study and university.

Your UB advisor will assist you with your college and course applications. To speed up the procedure and raise your chances of being accepted, counselors will personally contact the university or institution of your choice. Our counselors take their work seriously and adhere to the strictest moral and legal requirements.

If passing an English test is required to enroll in your course, study diligently to earn high marks. In addition to having an extensive vocabulary, it is crucial to be grammatically sound on an exam like the IELTS. To learn more, visit our website,

4.      Offer Acceptance

The university or school will carefully review your application and let you know the results after receiving it. The processing of your application could take up to a few weeks.

You will be sent an acceptance form and a letter of offer if your application is accepted. Review the offer thoroughly with your university bureau study abroad counselor before accepting it to look for any potential restrictions.

Your counselor will assist you in selecting the best choice for you if you are admitted to more than one course or institution.

5.      Student visa

After accepting the offer letter, the most crucial action is to apply for student visa. Your UB counselor will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork for your submission and will walk you through the visa application process because each nation has its unique set of requirements that must be met.

Here is a list of documents required for student visas:

· Documents proving enrollment at a reputable university;

· Applications for residency (it varies by the country)

· Proof of language proficiency (if needed)

· Proof of parental or guardian approval (if under 18)

· Proof of funding (your ability to cover the cost involved in studying and sustaining abroad)

· Three passport-size photos; a copy of the most recent passport; and vaccination records (if required, it varies by the country)

6.      Figure out where you’ll live

If you haven't been given an on-campus residence, you'll need to find a place to live while studying abroad. You can browse for rental accommodations, homestays, or a local host. Cities will charge differently. If you decide to rent an apartment, you will also need to pay for tenant's insurance and additional utility costs like power, internet, and water use (in some housing areas).

7.      Book your flights in time

Make sure to reserve your airline tickets much in advance. To monitor price changes and book at the lowest fares, try to look at the possibilities with plenty of time to spare. Verify your host country's admission procedures and any fees associated with baggage allowance.

8.      Ready, set, go

You're about to embark on a great adventure, so congrats. Your UB counselor will direct you through the numerous small but crucial tasks you must complete before traveling abroad. This will cover things like exchanging money, insurance, housing, SIM cards, creating a bank account, adhering to local laws, and assimilating to a new culture.

Additionally, University Bureau holds regular pre-departure courses throughout the year to prepare you for life as a student abroad.

We’re excited for you. Let’s pack!

You'll spend less time and effort in your new country if you pack your stuff efficiently. The University bureau ( has compiled a comprehensive list of what to pack and what not; for you to make life easier. The list will be shared with you by our study abroad counselor.

Come, and visit us for a free session

For a free appointment, walk into our office in India or submit the online form. Bring your wish list and course selections on the day of your consultation as a starting point. Your UB counselor will have a thorough conversation with you about your educational history, personal interests, and financial situation to determine your options for potential colleges.

At University Bureau, our expert counselors will support you in:

· Shortlisting of potential schools and universities

· Assistance in application submission

· Guidance in writing Statement of Purpose (SOP), available scholarships, and how to apply

· Registration and preparation guidance for IELTS

· Guidance on offer letters

· Assistance in visa application, health insurance, and accommodation

· Regular follow-up and support in person, call, and e-mail

· Welcome events in the study country

· Pre-departure briefing once you’ve received your visa

Our study abroad advisors hold professional certifications; many have experience working with overseas students. To ensure that you will have the best fit with your future university and field of study, your designated counselor will go through all the specifics and procedures with you.

How to book an appointment?

You can reach us by phone at 806-900-9000, 93-555-000-42, or by visiting the nearest UB office in India (Noida). Online appointment booking is also an option.

After your acceptance letter, our assistance continues. Even after you are in your new nation, we will continue to support you. Visit us today; it's free!

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