Can Military Boots be Used in Daily Life?

Soldiers in battles usually find themselves plodding through the middle of trackless forests, barren deserts, or hiking on the mountain in the roughest weather. Military boots play a vital role in such places in extreme weather conditions. However, military boots are generally known as combat boots or army boots. Among all the different brands that offer splendid military shoes, Belleville Military Boots is also one of them. It assures that its patrons will get the best product. Military boots are now being used by the locals for their adventurous trips as well to make their journeys more memorable. Before explaining how first we need to know the basic information about these boots.

Types of Military Boots

Military boots incorporate two kinds of boots: Combat boots and Tactical boots. Let's overview the basic differences between these two types of boots

Combat Boots

It is inspired by the early '20s vogue for the footwear of soldiers. The lace-up leather structure is one of the classics and is now considered a trendy piece.

Tactical Boots

Whereas tactical boots are prompted by the troops of the 21st century. It is suitable for outdoor adventure at the military level like hiking. It looks super cool if worn with jogger pants and an oversized t-shirt.

Boot Mechanism

Military boots are built to be worn by the warriors during combat and accomplish the toughest challenges. These boots are mainly designed to secure the feet without intervening in the enactment. Current combat boots focus on providing grip, ankle stability, and foot defense which is suitable for a treacherous environment. The requirements for the best military boots are as below:

  1. The uppers must be leather and nylon up to military standards.
  2. The outsoles must be of rubber with a defined pattern for the strong grip in muddy areas
  3. The midsole must be of genuine polyether polyurethane
  4. The boots must not soak water, it requires draining holes in the sides.
  5. It must be puncture-resistant to stand the sharp objects.

Qualities of Military Boots

In the modern world where technology rules in every aspect and dimension. Similarly, how it may remain behind in the field of designing the best military boots for our soldiers.

Flame Resistant

With the latest technology, there are now flame-resistant military boots available in the market. It gives safety and comfort to the users at the highest level of temperatures ranging from -40°C to 300°C.


Waterproof Military Boots are also accessible which are beneficial in different weather conditions. These boots are breathable and specially engineered to keep the moisture away.

POL Resistant

Military boots are now also POL (Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricant) resistant. To keep one safe from burning.

Tough and Durable

These boots are designed in a way to increase the level of durability, toughness, stability, and safety which is required as the foremost feature for the troops. Their long heightened lacework defends the wearer from the various elements.

Eliminates Microbes

The silver-coated lining is used inside the boots to abolish microbes, counterbalance odor, and control body temperature. It ensures that you do not get any infection even if you get hurt.

Usage in Daily Life

Military boots are one of the snappy footwear which enhances the confidence of a man if worn. The military heritage has evolved drastically over the period, and now it has been entered into civilians' closets. Leather is still a go-to choice for modern military bootmakers along with suede which gives the casual look to the boots but still, it grabs the traction of many gentlemen.

The boots now have also been designed in lesser heights than the older times. This demotion of height gives more options to the men in terms of footwear. The shorter height also depicts that it's not only semi-formal wear it can also go with suits and rolled cuffed trousers. It can also be worn with leather jackets; the combo will be exquisite.


Military boots were considered as the footwear for only soldiers back in time but now with the evolution, it has become part of every men's closet. The look of these elegant pairs of boots becomes the center of attraction in informal as well as semi-formal gatherings. Modern technology has also introduced various splendid features for the better experience of their users such as flame-resistant, waterproofing, POL-resistant, toughness, durability, safety, etc. Waterproof Military boots are also suitable for hiking, climbing, and tracking due to their specs.

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